Why are One Million Americans Retiring to Mexico?

Mexico is the United States closest neighbor to the south, and at no other time in the long history of the relationship between Mexico and the U.S. have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been more apparent….and easier to take advantage of. Not just for U.S. citizens, but for Canadians and Europeans as well.

The number of baby boomers retiring will soar from 40 million today to 90 million by 2025. Already 5+ million American retirees live abroad, of whom one million live in Mexico.   In the last decade an estimated half million Americans moved permanently to Mexico, making the United State’s Sourthern neighbor the county with the most expatriates in the world!


Why Mexico?

Mexico offers quality health care for 50 to 70% lower than you would find in the U.S. Mexico is a short plane trip from the U.S. or Canada. Or just a few days drive on good roads depending where in the states or Canada you are coming from. The overall cost of living in Mexico is far less than the U.S., from 25% to 75% depending on where you choose to retire in Mexico. Many retirees cannot afford to live the quality of life they want during their later years in the United States and Canada, so Mexico offers a better quality of life for less money. The stress level is lower and the pace is slower, allowing you to enjoy life as it’s meant to. Once you adjust to the manana attitude, always remember that manana does not always mean tomorrow…it just means not today!

Also we must not forget the weather which is almost always perfect with warm temperatures most of the year, tropical breezes, blue seas, wonderful terrain and beautifully warm and welcoming people.


In Mexico you don’t have to be a millionaire to live like one!