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 Messages below from one of our favorite authors:
Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

 “Everyone says time is money. I understand, but given the choice, I’d take free time over free money every time.
Free money gets spent and it’s gone.
But free time, USED WISELY, can generate knowledge that can produce for you forever.

 Most people have a REALLY GOOD EXCUSE for not getting financially educated… they don’t have the time. Now, this really is just an excuse except that, they really believe it.
The Coronavirus is giving people a lot more time. Most of us are quarantined. We can be upset, or we can see this as a
life-changing opportunity. Instead of commuting to work and back, what if you used that time to learn an entrepreneurial skill? Or a powerful investment strategy? That knowledge could take care of you and your loved ones forever.

 People ALWAYS Ask
When is the best time to invest?

  •  When the market is growing? No!
  •  When a new product is released? No!
  •  In April? No!

 The answer is: The best time to invest is AFTER you’ve gotten educated AND during a crisis. A crisis creates chaos. It spikes emotions. When emotions are high…Intelligence is low. But… if you’ve been educated, your intelligence will be high. And you’ll be the only one.

 So… the best time to invest is AFTER you’ve gotten educated AND during a crisis.

 This is the best time!”

This Month’s Featured Property

 Beautiful brand New 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Condo located in the heart of The Golden Zone, one block from the main street Av. Camaron Sabalo and its wonderfull beaches.

 Sabalo Country Club has become one the most popular places to live in. It is a Nice and quiet neighborhood, it has a lovely Church, also offers beautiful green areas such as the Park located 2 blocks inland where you can enjoy a nice walk in the afternoon.
Walking distance from the best beach areas and restaurants.
Have a relaxing day reading a book or sipping some coffee while spending time on your balcony.

 Loft 7 is a brand new 3 story building built in 2019, and this Unit is located on the second floor.

 – Kitchen granite counter with a double sink and stainless steel appliances.

 – 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom

 – Spacious living room area, perfect for entertaining family and friends. Two bedrooms with its own bathrooms and interior balconies.

 Be The Creator of your own home by doing what you love.

 Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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To our Friends, Clients and Colleagues

To our Friends, Clients and Colleagues

 Please know that we are thinking of each of you and we are sending our love and support during this time.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has created an extremely challenging time for each of us individually, our businesses and our Mazatlan Community.  Mazatlan has been through so much the last twelve years; as we were often hit harder than other popular tourist destinations in Mexico.   Yet, as a community, we continually come together in support and love and always triumph.  We are all proud to be part of this community and know we can survive and thrive as we work our way through this new storm.

 To our clients, please know that we are continuing to service your every Real Estate, Vacation Rental and Property Management need and will do everything we can to offer our professional advice, our support and our action.  Now more than ever, the Mazatlan4Sale team will come together to communicate, collaborate and service as we work safely on your behalf.

 Our teams will remain available, providing online and video consultations, live streaming property tours, and sharing updates on social media channels.  We are following the guidelines and mandates set by our governments; federal, state and local as well as the Real Estate industry associations.

 We are here to assist you in every way possible and are committed to providing you with the utmost service and guidance moving forward.

 On behalf of the Mazatlan4Sale family, we send our love, prayers and best wishes for the health of you and your loved ones.  We will get through this together.


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The Safe and Legal Way to Buy

A Second Home South of the Boarder
By: Karie J. Boyd, Attorney and CEO

 Buying a home in Mexico, whether as a vacation home or possibly a future retirement home, is a good way to experience a new culture and can offer a good value for the investment.  Land costs can be lower and the costs of ownership is usually lower than the comparable expenses in the United States or Europe (utilities, property taxes, maintenance).  You are not required to be a resident of Mexico to own real estate in Mexico, so as a residency permit is not necessary or required.

 As with real estate purchases anywhere, there have been stories of purchases gone wrong, but when the correct processes are followed, the real estate usually happens smoothly and legally.

If you’re considering the purchase of property in Mexico, you will need to research the area where you are looking to purchase, carefully select your location and property, hire the right professionals to assist you with the purchase process, and follow the “letter of law” in regards to the legal transfer to ownership. 

Mexican law now allows for the purchase of real estate by non-Mexican citizens, including U.S. citizens, although there are certain areas where there are restrictions on how title may be held, specifically in the 100km land boarder zone and in the 50km coastal zone. Outside of these two areas, non-Mexican citizens may take title out-right. Inside of these zones, non-Mexican citizens are required to hold title through a land trust (called a fideicomiso) which is arranged through a bank.  The trust holds the deeds to the property, and you or any other named persons (as you specify) are sole beneficiaries to the trust.  You have full rights to do whatever you like with your property.  You can develop the property (in accordance with local planning regulations) rent it, lease it, sell or give it away.  Essentially, you own the property in all but the name.   The land trust enables you to name a beneficiary upon your death, and you do not need to have a will or estate plan prepared in Mexico to specify your post-death wishes (just as with a trust in the United States).   The initial term of the fideicomiso will be for 50 years, but don’t worry, it can be renewed in the last year for an additional 50 years and this process can be continued indefinitely, providing for long term control of the asset.

The most important person you will deal with in purchasing real estate in Mexico is your Notary Public.  Mexican Notaries Public should never be confused with their U.S. counterparts – they are very different in both qualifications and job descriptions.  In the U.S., almost anyone can become a Notary Public.  The same is not true in Mexico, where Notaries Public are appointed directly by the governor of the state where they are located.  The Notary Public has the power to witness and certify important business documents which require authentication.  The Notary Public is also required to manage and securely store original records.  To become a Notary Public in Mexico, the applicant must be a Mexican citizen, be at least 35 years old, have a law degree, have worked for three years in a Notary Public office, and then pass a stringent exam.  Those who pass can be appointed as a Notary Public by the state governor.

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That’s how we lived our Art Walk in Golden Zone
March 19th

Thank you for being with Us during this 2019-2020 Season!
Art Walk Golden Zone is officially closed until the November 2020!



 We wanted to share an important article with you today from TheNutritionWatchdog…
This article has been going viral and is a very important update on your immune system in regards to the coronavirus.
We here at Mazatlan4Rent & Mazatlan4Sale are concerned about your health and well being at this time. We hope you all take the time to read this very helpful article.

 As the situation continues to unfold around Coronavirus, I wanted to take this chance to give you some tips that I’ve brainstormed with a few doctors, as well as a few helpful articles, etc…

 Currently, the reported worldwide cases are at about 250,000 and the current death toll is around 10,000. The entire US is basically shut down with all restaurants, bars, gyms, and most businesses closed for the time-being.

 Over the weekend, I had two really smart doctors visiting me, and we talked all weekend about the corona situation, and brainstormed all the best tips that people can follow right now. Here’s what we collectively wanted to recommend to help out with this situation…

 1. First and foremost, please get outside and GET SOME SUN… whatever you do, please DON’T stay locked up inside your house…that’s the WORST thing you can do for your immune system right now. You need to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Now that we’re in mid-March, most areas in North America and Europe are getting warmer and sunnier, and getting sun on your skin is the biggest thing you can do to boost your immune system right now.

 The aspect of vitamin D production in your skin from sun exposure is just one aspect of how sunshine boosts your immune system. There are other reasons too, such as how the sun improves your mood, serotonin, balances hormones, etc.

 So whatever you do, please make an effort to get outside for daily walks in the sun (without having your skin fully covered, since you need skin exposed to get the majority of the benefits), or get outside and do some gardening or other yard work. Or even just lay out in the sun if you have a deck (without getting burnt of course).

 Remember, getting outside doesn’t mean you have to be around a lot of people. You can still get outside and stay safe all while significantly boosting your immune system. You won’t catch coronavirus by breathing outdoor air. The virus only concentrates in indoor areas when you’re around a lot of people. Being outdoors is safe.

 It’s interesting to note that the coronavirus has been mostly clustered between 30 to 50 degrees North latitude, but areas further south of that have been largely unaffected. In my opinion, and many other doctors too, the reason for this is because the sun has been stronger south of 30 degrees N latitude, so most populations south of there have much stronger immune systems than people further north that haven’t seen any significant sun in the last 6 months.

 Aside from getting sunshine and fresh air, we have a few more tips below…

 2. I know you’ve heard a lot lately about immune-boosting herbs, nutrients, etc… While most of these nutrients won’t “kill” the virus per se, what they CAN do is give you a nice boost to your immune system, which can reduce your risk of catching the virus, or can also reduce the severity and duration of the sickness if you do contract it.

 So the point is, it CAN’T HURT to stock up on supplements that have proven studies to benefit the immune system right now. Many people argue over how much benefit they will have, but my position is that if they have ANY benefit at all in reducing your risk, or reducing your severity and duration of sickness if it were to happen, then it’s definitely worth taking them. I’m personally taking a bunch of herbs and nutrients.

 For starters, a high dose vitamin C is worth taking right now… it can only help, and there’s no harm in taking reasonably large doses. I recently heard about this powerful Liposomal Vitamin C from some friends, and it’s apparently absorbed at a much higher rate than most vitamin C.

 Other immune-boosting nutrients that have proven anti-viral properties (and immune-boosting) are Quercetin, elderberry, zinc, garlic, echinacea, olive leaf, and astragalus.

 3. I’ve also been drinking bone broths every day, as they have a known effect on improving your immune system.

 4. I’ve read from several infectious disease experts that people that are overweight or obese are at MUCH greater risks of severe problems from coronavirus than people at normal weights.  So if there was ever a time to get down to a normal weight, it’s NOW!  And since all restaurants and bars are closed at this point, there’s no temptation to dine out, so you can simply make healthy foods at home and lose fat easier.

 5.  Smokers are also at a much greater risk of severe complications from this infection, since this virus attacks the respiratory system.  If there was ever a perfect time to quit smoking cold turkey, it’s NOW!

 6.  Another population at greater risk of severe complications from this virus are people with insulin resistance and type 2 Diabetes…. again, it’s time to take this seriously, so read this page to see how you can reverse type 2 Diabetes for good.

 Lastly, it’s important for everybody to stay calm and not panic. The US still is only reported at around 41,000 cases and 500 deaths out of 330 million people as of a couple days ago, so while the situation could get scary if this thing spreads far and wide, we need to realize that a very tiny % of the population is actually infected right now, and as spring approaches, and people get more sun, we’ll be seeing a very broad strengthening of most people’s immune systems in the coming weeks.

 So we need to be realistic about this, and not panic. But stay safe and avoid any indoor places where a lot of people are. Get outside and get some sun and fresh air!  And now is the perfect time to focus on dropping weight, fixing health problems like Diabetes, and stopping smoking too.

 Stay safe.


Consume Local!

Mazatlán, Sin.– With the preventive health measures, and with the charge that it is necessary to keep the families of the port of Mazatlán supplied with food, the tenants of the Municipal market “José María Pino Suárez”, will keep up the curtains of their positions, Alejandro Bernal Reyes announced this Monday. The president of the tenants committee had indicated that both them and the consumers who go there will get enough instructions and even will be provided the antibacterial gel and they will try to get people to take the distance marked by the health sector authorities and avoid spreading COVID-19.


Home office, alternative to not expose workers to the coronavirus

Teleworking has become a trend in recent weeks to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Asia, a viable work alternative for Mexico.
Authorities have reported an increase in cases of Coronavirus
( Covid-19 ) in Mexico, a virus that spreads through physical contact, so one of the recommendations is to avoid it.
However, in the workplace it is impossible not have contact with coworkers and what to say about public transportation.
Public Transportation and offices are not the best places to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and, given this, the home office or telework  represents an option to avoid exposing workers to COVID-19 and not to stop the company’s operations.

Technological advances have opened the door to new ways of working, one of them is the home office.
According to Silvina Moschini, work should be seen as “something that is done and not a place where one goes”. The founder of Transparent Business considers that telework does allow supervision of employment to work properly, it is important that companies provide their employees to use those that they consider most appropriate”, states the report The digital worker in 2019 of Citrix.
Telework is a modality based on three fundamental aspects: labor flexibility, teamwork and use of new technologies. It is a talent management model in which the employer offers the necessary tools for employees to carry out their tasks based on results.

5 recommendations to implement it before the arrival of the Coronavirus in Mexico

A company with a work model in which all its collaborators make home offices, issued the following recommendations to implement teleworking without affecting the results, productivity and most importantly, the health of the workers:

Work under individual and group goals that are measurable and visible to all team members.

The use of the cloud serves not only to have constant open communication channels, but also to optimize efforts with productivity tools hosted there. These tools that integrate with calendar, email and other.

Encouraging employees to design and create a suitable work space in their homes, since having an ergonomic, clean, tidy and comfortable space will allow them to feel at home while the epidemic is under control.

Resting during the day serves to recover energy and improve our performance, since working from home and work. This will serve to prevent illnesses caused by work that does not involve much movement.

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is connecting with coworkers.
Therefore, it is essential to constantly communicate to the rest of the team what is being worked on and coordinate. It is highly recommended to replace calls with video calls.


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