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Ever Dreamed of Living on the Beach?

Stunning Beachfront Home, with private water access,  located within a high end beach community in Mazatlan, Mexico.  With a classy architectural design and quality finishes and furnishings this property is unique within the waterways of Mazatlan and our entire region.

2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Two Level Home with Private Beach Access

Get into the world of pure relaxation and let your Dreams Come True!

Start your morning on your terrace with fresh grounded coffee and the sound of waves crashing.  Feel the salty breeze and touch the warm sand with your toes.

Home Features:

Large Master Bedroom w/ Ensuite Bathroom

Quest Room w/ Built in Murphy Bed

Shared Pool

Shared Garage

Water Filtration

Private Access to the Beach


Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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Summer holidays Mazatlan 2019


Summer holidays are coming, it is the expected time for the whole family to get into the car and go to spend some magical moments in a nice place to rest. But it is important to remember some important aspects for your adventure.

It is important that your vehicle is in perfect condition to travel long distances.

Check the vehicle’s safety points, especially the belt.

If you are traveling with children try to keep them comfortable and quiet as they could be a distraction for the driver. Children under 3 years of age must travel in special seats.

Ten handy all important documents requirements, ordered to avoid inconvenience, personal identification, passport, professional license, registration and car papers.

Always and for no reason you shouldn’t ignore road signs, especially the speed limit, school zones, etc.

Also, the low lights are on and use the turn signals to anticipate movements during the road and please do not drive in an alcoholic state.

Prepare to spend amazing time and make your reservations in advance. Mazatlan4Rent Team offers the best Vacation Rentals Opportunities for couples, group of friends or big families.

Check out for properties that eligible for Last minute Discount! Don’t miss your chance get the Best Deals and Best Services with Mazatlan4Rent!

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Yoga In Mazatlan

Have you ever think about exercises for your Soul?

To clear your thoughts and bring them to equilibrium with your body!

Try Yoga!!!

One of the most popular and relaxing things to do on your vacation or even on every week basis.
So many kinds of yoga: ! Get totally new experience without any special preparations. Yoga is for EVERYBODY.

Let us share few cool spots of Yoga you would really LOVE to visit.
Most of the places are English spoken and its easy to follow instructions!
You will not regret!


Have You ever try do Yoga and Surf at the same time???

Bandha Yogi is a school that seeks the impact of a positive way in the community by fostering a healthier, freer society and in peace itself. In Bandha Yogi you will find different styles of YOGA, meditation, SURF and SUP YOGA classes, conscious food workshops and much more. The intention is to share the heart and experience that help us live more in harmony and unite as a society.

Av Camarón Sábalo 610, Zona Dorada (4.02 mi)
Mazatlan, Sinaloa 82110

01 669 174 3247

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Open Now


Ajna Yoga Studio


Yoga Flying in the  Air???

If you are total fun of Centro Historico visit this yoga studio which is just 2 blocks from Basilic Cathedral.

Specialty of this Yoga studio is Aero Studio. You can literally fly with soft material hanged from the ceilings. Don’t be scared, instructor will support you in everything. No experience or special preparations needed.
Also offering all other kinds of Yoga.

Calle 21 de marzo #916 col.centro
Ciudad Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico


The most Vibrant yoga studio in Mazatlan! Classes for all types of people and all levels. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, AcroYoga, Restorative, Kundalini, YogaKids, Prenatal, Meditation and Kirtan. First class FREE !!!

Address: Av. Carlos Canseco No. 6,032, Plaza Mares, Local 7-8, La Marina Mazatlan, Sinaloa 82102


Phone: 01 669 331 3220


Mexico is the Culinary Giant…
Spicy, spicy…


Let’s discover one by one the most traditional and authentic flavor dishes



A Brief History of Pozole, Mexico’s Take on Traditional Stew



Pozole is easily one of Mexico’s most iconic and beloved dishes, but where does it originate and why does no one pozole taste like another? Similar to stew or soup, pozole is popular across the country, although some regions lay claim to certain variations. With that in mind, here’s your brief introduction to this delicious Mexican dish.

What is it?

Pozole is basically a cross between a soup and a stew and is popular around the country, especially on events such as Mexican Independence Day and at Christmas, and most people associate it with any large family gathering. Pretty much all pozoles contain the base ingredients of pork, garlic and large hominy kernels (cacahuazintle), although there are several versions that use meats such as chicken instead, plus the added extras of shredded lettuce, hot sauce, diced onion, thinly sliced radish, a healthy squeeze of lime and avocado. It’s often served with tostadas and crema.

However, there are three types of pozole which rather appropriately mirror the colours of the Mexican flag – red (rojo), white (blanco) and green (verde) – and these all contain slight alterations to that base recipe. White pozole doesn’t include any red or green salsas, as you would imagine, whereas green pozole can include ingredients like tomatillos, cilantro and even jalapeños. Red pozole relies more heavily on chilies such as guajillo, ancho or piquin.

Where does it originate?
As with many Mexican foodstuffs, the name pozole originates from Nahuatl – pozolé, pozolli or pasole, which some claim means ‘hominy’ and others say means ‘frothy’ – and remains most popular in states that have the most common variations on it, such as Jalisco (whose red pozole is the most well-known), Guerrero (which uses green tomatoes in the broth) and both the State and City of Mexico. However, it’s also typical in Michoacán (where chicharrón is added), as well as Sinaloa, Zacatecas, Colima and Morelos. Either way, it’s completely pre-Hispanic in origin and was written about by many of the Spanish conquistadors and their party.


Originally, pozole was considered a sacred dish due to the use of the trademark large hominy kernels combined with meat. A slightly gruesome claim from pozole’s history is that it was supposedly once made with the human flesh of sacrificed prisoners. Pork was supposedly used as a replacement because of its striking similarity in taste to human meat, but try not to think about that the next time you’re enjoying a delicious bowl of pozole. However, other sources suggest the meat was that of the famous Mexican dogs, xoloitzcuintles. Is that better? We’ll let you decide!

Source Page:




All important information to know and

get prepared to buy

The House of  Your Dreams

Buying Property In Mexico:
A Step-By-Step Guide For Expats


The purchase process for foreigners looking to buy real estate in Mexico is simple and straightforward. If you’ve done your due diligence, and you are represented by experienced real estate professionals and a licensed real estate attorney, you’ll have no problems.

But you do need to have an idea about your property objectives before you dive in. Are you looking for property to live in… or are you looking purely for investment? The end use for your property may dictate how you go about purchasing it.

In 1917, the government declared that all land in Mexico would be “ejido,” that is, communal land used for agriculture and farmed by a collective of locals—not private property. Nowadays not all Mexican land is ejido, but it’s important for foreign buyers to make sure that any real estate considered for purchase is not classified as such.

Mexico passed the Foreign Investment Law in 1973, allowing foreigners to purchase real estate anywhere in the country—the only restrictions being border and coastal land (within 100 kms of international borders or within 50 kms of the coast). In 1993, the law was amended to allow for purchase within restricted areas through a fideicomiso—a trust agreement established with a Mexican bank.

fideicomiso allows a foreign buyer to hold property with all the rights and privileges of a citizen. With a single fideicomiso, you can hold multiple Mexican properties, own them in perpetuity, and will the property to your heirs. Plus, you can easily transfer the trust to another foreign buyer, should you wish to sell.

fideicomiso is good for 50 years and is renewable thereafter (by you or your heirs). It can be held by one or more individuals or by an entity (an LLC, for example). The initial setup costs range from US$500 to US$1,000, and maintenance fees amount to US$500 to US$700 per year.

Foreigners can also own land in restricted areas through a Mexican corporation, and these can be 100% foreign-owned. You should only consider a corporation if you’re buying real estate strictly for investment or business. If you plan to subdivide and develop land, a Mexican corporation makes sense.

Corporations come with more restrictions and reporting requirements than fideicomisos. They are required to submit monthly reports on income and expenses—completed by a certified accountant—to the Mexican Department of Treasury. And property held in a corporation is considered commercial, so it’s subject to additional taxes (VAT, for example).

The initial costs to set up a corporation will vary depending on the attorney that you use, but the minimum required is $50,000 Mexican pesos (about US$2,800 at today’s exchange). You’ll also incur costs for the certified accountant to maintain it (US$600 to US$800 annually).

No matter the use of your property, your attorney should be involved in reviewing its legal status, including title search, the review and preparation of contracts, and setting up your trust or corporation.

The buying process should play out like this…

Step By Step Guide Here:


Mazatlan4Sale Homestaging Gallery

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Facts about Mazatlan that probably you didn’t know…

1. Next August 6 and 7 the biggest slide in Mexico will be opened to the public, in Avenida Las Torres. This event is called “Slide” and it always takes place in august each year..

2. Mazatlan has the biggest open-air archaeological museum of Mexico: Las Labradas. There you will find petroglyphs with ancient abstract art figures, and pre-Columbian monuments, which are about 3400 years old.

3. El Malecón (Boardwalk) of Mazatlan is one of the biggest boardwalks in the world with it’s 21 kilometers.

4. Mazatlan also has one of the biggest natural lighthouses in the world.
You need approximately 250 pesos to be able to enjoy a ride on a Catamaran, and travel around the Lighthouse.

5. La Noria is a rural village founded by Spaniards in 1864, located in the vicinity of Mazatlan. La Vinata Los Osuna is a farm where blue agave is sown and harvested. This agave is utilized for the fabrication of an alcoholic beverage similar to Tequila: Destilado de Agave. 


6. 65 kilometers from Mazatlan is located the colonial city of Copala. A historical place and almost a journey to past times. One of the most important places to visit is the San José Church where you can find old paintings and neoclassical altars.


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