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Private One Level Golden Zone Home that is located in Popular Residential Area 1 block up from the Sabalo Beach, close to Restaurants, Entertainment, Shopping Malls and Water Sports.

3 bedrooms / 2 Baths with a Studio or Storage room off the back patio.  Newly remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops, and the bathrooms with travertine marble.

Spacious kitchen has an office space and the enclosed laundry room. The separate entrance to the exterior patio also gives access to the back studio, prepared to add a bathroom or great for a multiple use room.

2 car garage with ample  storage cabinets, UV light purifying water system throughout the house, Electronic Security System, and On Demand Water Heater.

Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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Ferry, why is it interesting to travel in one?

Before embarking on the ferry adventure there are some recommendations that are very important to consider and avoid setbacks. Few sensations are as special as traveling on Ferries. A unique opportunity that gives you the power to enjoy beautiful and colorful sunsets or maritime dawns from the deck, while the soft and refreshing sea breeze brushes your skin. This experience is undoubtedly something that can not be appreciated traveling by plane. If the idea of ​​a tourist trip is to go to the Los Cabos, Peninsula of California, from the mainland, it is more practical to cross the Sea of ​​Cortez and avoid a long road trip to Tijuana and then down the entire peninsula to reach Peace. On average a sightseeing truck would take 3 days to be able to turn around on the highway.

To make your trip safe and enjoyable, we recommend using the services of Baja Ferries.

Their boats offer different amenities and amenities: from enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant, having a drink or having fun with the live show at the bar or even resting comfortably in a cabin.


Here are some tips you should keep in mind before making your adventure:

1. In high season the tickets are finished very fast. Remember to buy your ticket in advance.

2. A pregnant person must notify when making the purchase of your ticket, as, for safety, if the pregnancy is greater than 31 weeks you can not make your trip.

3. One of the advantages of traveling on Ferry is that you can travel with your own car, which will be protected while enjoying everything that the Ferry offers.

4. It is also possible to travel with pets who travel in a special area inside a transporter and with enough space with freedom of movement.

5. Each passenger has the right to carry on board a carry-on bag of up to 10 kg and to document 5 suitcases of 25 kg.

6. For safety reasons, smoking on board is prohibited.

7. It is important to note that the ships of this company are cardio-safe, which means that they have defibrillators on board to use them if necessary.


Do you like to DANCE???
Mazatlan Dancing Classes

Tremendo Mambo Dance Company

Dance classes for the general public, all ages …

Learn how to dance practicing!

This your moment if you ever dreamed to learn howto dance!
Latin rhythms, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia.


8:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Avenida de la Marina 23 int. 2 Col. El Toreo.
Mazatlan, Sinaloa 82123

Clases of Salsa Bachata
Mazatlan Sinaloa

Still famous Tremendo Mambo Dance Company but already in Historical Center of Mazatlan!

Go ahead and Come to Dance!

And If you like to dance, but your hunger distracts you…

This one is really special One!

The Original Salsa and Salsa Tour!

We are the #1 Cooking and Dance Tour in Mexico! Salsa-making, salsa-eating, salsa-dancing and margarita-drinking. . . what more can you ask for? Join the salsa party hosts and instructors THE DANCING CHEFS on a memorable cooking and dancing experience.


Contact and reserve:

Mexico is the Culinary Giant…
Spicy, spicy…


Let’s discover one by one the most traditional and authentic flavor dishes



A Mexican Classic Pico de Gallo

Pico de gallo is a raw salsa known as a salsa fresca, or “fresh salsa,” in Spanish. It is a delicious combination of plum (Roma) tomatoes, white onion, cilantro, serrano chile and a splash of lime juice. You will find it on every Mexican table. Did you know that pico de gallo translates as “rooster’s beak?”


How to Make and Serve

Serve this authentic pico de gallo recipe with carne asada, chicken, fish tacos, beef tacos, molletes, and of course chips. You get bonus points if you make your own tortilla chips. Use it as a topping for just about anything. Don’t limit yourself to using it for Mexican food.

A Healthy Option

Mexican food has the reputation for being heavy and greasy, unjustly deserved in my opinion. This dish is the complete opposite. All vegetables, low calories, and no fat. Totally guilt-free. Eat with reckless abandon. It is vegetarian and vegan to boot. Kids will eat it too because it is “salsa”, not yucky vegetables and it works just as well with fussy adults who don’t like vegetables.

Great for parties – It is one of the best party dishes, quick to prepare, tasty and loved by everyone. You can make it year-round but it is especially delicious during summer when tomatoes are at their peak.

Detailed recipe:

Mazatlan is the best destination in Mexico and Central America: World Travel Awards

For the second time, the tourist destination of Sinaloa is a leader in the category after being imposed on other cities in the region.


Sea, beach, party, an enviable climate and vibrant cuisine are the attributes that have put Mazatlan at the top of the experts’ preferences. According to the World Travel Awards Latin America 2019, this Pacific destination has been recognized, for the second consecutive year, as the best in the Mexico and Central America category. The recognition was granted by a group of hospitality experts that include the World Travel and Tourism Council. The ceremony was held in the city of La Paz, in Bolivia, on July 15.

Mazatlan surpassed other national destinations such as Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancun and Tijuana. And also to cities in Central American countries, such as Granada, in Nicaragua, San José, in Costa Rica, and Panama, Panama. The destination, also known as ‘the pearl of the Pacific’, has changed its image for a few years to become one of the favorites of national and international tourism. Given this, more and more people turn to see the qualities that make it unique. Sum of Charms Today, visiting Mazatlan is synonymous with adventure and fun. The tourist offer it maintains is growing.

The natural spectacle is present at all times. Here you can tour one of the longest malecon in Mexico, admire its beaches, enjoy the colorful architecture of its Historic Center and spend hours partying with its nightlife.

Mazatlan also conquers its visitors through the stomach. It is a place where you can find the best seafood preparations thanks to the freshness of its products extracted daily from its coasts.

Mexico is undoubtedly a place rich in destinations to explore and Mazatlan, in Sinaloa, is one of those small jewels that has improved over time, offering the best for its visitors. What are you waiting to check?


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Facts about Mazatlan that probably you didn’t know…

If you plan on visiting Mazatlan, you must make a stop to the Central Market or Mercado Municipal located in Mazatlan’s Historic Center. Steps from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on the corner of Benito Juarez and Leandro Valle, the hustle and bustle of the Market can sometime’s overwhelm the unassuming spectator. It’s time to put on our big boy pants and hustle through the Market as it will be a highlight of your trip. Here are some fun facts about the Market so you can walk the aisles knowing a little bit of the building’s history.

1. Central Market officially opened on May 5, 1900.

2. The market was built using similar techniques that helped build the Eiffel Tower back in 1887.  

3. At the time of it’s inception, Mazatlan was the richest city in the country and could afford the luxury of building a new modern market.

4. It cost a total of $116,453.40 USD to build the Market back in 1899 which equates to $3,261, 968,95 USD in 2014. 

5. Porfirio Diaz, who was President of Mexico at the time, was a fun of all French things so it the building was designed in Art Nouveau-style.

6. Locals began to call it the Iron Palace, check out these numbers to see why: 143,000 kg of cast iron, 38,000 kg of wrought iron, 49,530 kg of corrugated iron sheets, & 584 cubic meters of masonry was used to build the original structure.

7. The building sits on 29 individual columns (care to count them all?) and each column is about 30 feet tall.

8.Central Market’s official name is Mercado Pino Suarez, named after Jose Maria Pino Suarez, the Vice President of Mexico who was killed in 1913 during the Mexican Revolution.

9.The Market is approximately 1/3 the size of the famous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.

10. There are 250+ vendors who sell everything from hats & jewelry to fresh produces & meat, a feature that remains a constant since it’s inauguration. 

11. Thousands of locals, or rather “Mazatlecos”, visit the Central Market each day for their daily grocery shopping. 

12. A fire broke out January 21, 2010 and destroyed 11 vendors. Thankfully no one was injured and because the Market is protected under the Preservation Act, immediate restoration took place and the structure looks as good as new.


How to Pack a Suitcase: 16 Tips and Expert Tricks for Perfectly Packed Luggage

WHILE NEARLY EVERYONE gets excited to go on vacation, almost no one looks forward to packing beforehand. This dreaded task is only made worse by the threat of wrinkled clothes, forgotten items and broken gear when you arrive at your destination. However, with the following tips from travel industry experts, you’ll be a packing whiz in time for your next trip.

Choosing a Bag

There are many types of luggage available, from backpacks and carry-on bags to duffels and large rolling suitcases. Choosing the right bag for your trip and your needs is key to achieving packing success.

Wendy Perrin, editor of the travel-planning website, says an over-the-shoulder bag is a great option for a casual weekend gateway, while luggage that keeps clothes wrinkle-free is ideal for business travelers. These pointers will help you pick your perfect travel bag.

  • Skip interior compartments. 
    Perrin prefers a bag without a lot of compartments or features on the inside because they take up space and add weight. “I want an empty space that I can then cram with as much stuff as I want,” she says.

Jimmy Hayes, co-founder of bag and accessories company Minaal, agrees. “Compartments and extra pockets in your bag are working against you,” he says. “They add weight and bulk. Go with something that has less padding and less pockets.”

  • Say yes to exterior pockets. Samantha Brown, host of the PBS series “Samantha Brown’s Places to Love,” says she prefers pockets on the periphery. “I like organization, but it shouldn’t add any weight in a bag,” Brown says. Pockets on the bag’s exterior also make it easy to grab something inside without having to unzip the whole bag in the airport.
  • Opt for an expanding bag. A bag that expands can be a lifesaver, according to Perrin. She uses an expanding bag as a carry-on on the way to her destination, then unzips the extra compartment for her return flight to hold souvenirs or other new purchases.

says she’ll check the bag if the expanded dimensions exceed carry-on size restrictions. “It no longer matters if [the bag is] delayed because it’s the flight home,” Perrin says. “It’s safer and cheaper than shipping your stuff home.”

What to Pack

Now that you’ve considered which bag to bring, it’s time to decide which items to put inside it. Keep in mind that most airlines limit each checked bag to 50 pounds before charging additional luggage fees (on top of the initial price, if there is one). You’ll want to check the policy for your specific airline before your flight. Experts chime in with more advice, below.

  • Assemble a “capsule collection.”Emirates cabin crew member Lauren Guilfoyle recommends assembling what she calls a capsule collection of basics like black pants, white jeans, neutral T-shirts and a denim jacket. These items are easy to mix and match and can be worn multiple times, so you won’t need to pack a brand-new outfit for each day.
  • Wear bulky items on the plane. “Wear your bulkiest items on the plane to free up space in your luggage and keep you warm during travel,” Guilfoyle says. For example, if you’re going to the beach, pack your flip-flops in your bag and wear your sneakers on the plane.

You can also wear a light jacket or cardigan to help with changes in temperature on the plane, in the airport and at your destination instead of packing it in your luggage. Tie the jacket around your waist when you’re not wearing it to avoid carrying an additional item.

  • Plan your outfits. Bobby Laurie, a former flight attendant and current host of the televised travel talk show “The Jet Set,” recommends planning your outfits before packing. “Don’t be a last-minute packer!” he says. “If you take time to plan your outfits based on your destination, you’ll be able to fit more.” He recommends bringing two pairs of jeans and various tops to wear with them for different looks.
  • Bring a bag for laundry. Scott Keyes, CEO and founder of travel website Scott’s Cheap Flights, advises bringing a separate bag – even a trash bag – for dirty laundry. “[A trash bag] is simple, compresses super small and saves you from having to mix your clean and dirty clothes,” Keyes says.

It’s also a good idea to see if your vacation rental or hotel has a guest laundry area where you can wash clothes so you can minimize the number of outfits you need to pack. If it does, ask if the machines accept credit cards (like Walt Disney World Resort’s laundry facilities) or if you’ll need to pack coins. A travel-size container of laundry detergent and a few dryer sheets can also come in handy and save you a few bucks.

  • Get a compact power strip. For about $10, you can buy a power strip the size of a cellphone, according to Keyes. “These come in handy in frequent occasions when you’ve got multiple devices but just one outlet,” he says. “They also ensure you’ll always have an outlet at the airport, because even if they’re all taken, most travelers are happy to let you put your power strip into an outlet they’re already using.”

Proven Packing Techniques

Once you determine what to pack, you’ll need to figure out how to fit all of your vacation essentials in one (possibly tiny) bag. Here’s what the experts say you should do to pack efficiently.

  • Roll your clothes. “Rolling your clothes helps to fit more and, if done right, helps to reduce wrinkles in the clothes you’ve packed,” Laurie says. You can even follow tidying expert Marie Kondo’s method of folding clothes, which also involves rolling, when packing your suitcase.
  • Fill in empty spaces. Be sure to take full advantage of all of the space within your bag. “Fill suitcase gaps with socks, belts, intimates and hair tools to create a flat surface before laying down clothing,” Guilfoyle says.
  • Pack phone chargers and other cords in one bag. “Cords are the one thing that end up all over the place when you’re traveling,” Laurie says. Large collections of cords are even more likely to get lost and tangled quickly when you travel with multiple people. “Keep them together and in a small container so that they don’t take up much space,” he says.
  • Keep toiletries ready to go. To avoid the hassle of packing a toiletry bag every time you go on vacation, keep one in your closet filled with travel-size items. If you run out of an item on a trip, be sure to refill it as soon as you get home so it’s ready for your next getaway. “I have my toiletries for my travel, and they’re always in Ziploc bags in the carry-on in my closet,” Perrin says.

Helpful Tools and Gadgets

There are an array of handy tools out there that can make the packing process less stressful. These range from in-suitcase organizers to items as simple as a plastic zip-close bag. Take a look at the must-haves experts recommend.

  • Use packing cubes. Many frequent travelers like Brown swear by packing cubes, lightweight, zip-up squares that allow you to separate different types of clothing within your suitcase. Each person can have their own color and pack intimates in one square, swimwear in another, socks in a third and shirts and pants, shorts or skirts in the last. Many cubes have handles, making them easy to pull out of your bag and place inside a hotel drawer.
  • Carry zip-close bags. Perrin keeps things even simpler by separating items in basic resealable, plastic bags. “I put wet toiletries in one, dry in the other and socks in one,” Perrin says. “You can see everything, and you’re organized. It takes up the least space and uses the least weight.”
  • Pack a wrinkle-release fabric spray. Not a fan of ironing? Carry a travel-size wrinkle-release spray with you. Simply spray the liquid liberally on clothes while gently stretching and smoothing the garments to eliminate creases caused by packing.
  • Buy a portable luggage scale. Rather than trying to balance your luggage on your bathroom scale, hook this small affordable device onto any bag to check its weight. When you’re finished, pack the scale in your suitcase so you can check the bag’s weight for your return flight as well.



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