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Spacious 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Beach Front. Find your paradise in the La Marina magnificent condo with the fantastic view.
Spend unforgettable time on your private balcony overlooking the Sea of Cortez and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves.
Interior lovely touches have each been carefully planned, creating an exceptional standard of an Authentic Mexican Decor elegance.  Blues, and light colors are reminiscent of the lovely sands and azure ocean, making the atmosphere warm and comfortable.
La Marina Tennis and Yacht Club has beautiful common areas, a big pool and jacuzzi area, palapas and sunning lounges, two clay tennis courts, a social lounge bar, restaurant, mini-mart and self-serve laundry, all to your disposal.  Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this exclusive community.
Beautiful Mazatlan known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” for its beautiful beaches and rich marine fauna, which have become home to important fishing tournaments. The destination combines the traditional architecture of its historic center, known as the Old Mazatlan, where you can admire the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and explore its beautiful streets adorned with the nineteenth century buildings. The northern marina and Golden Zone areas are  full of life with modern developments, entertainment, aquatic sports, shopping and restaurants that make them spectacular.
It has more than 10 km of beautiful beaches for surfing, diving and sport fishing for marlin, dorado and sailfish.
Condo Features:
Excellent Rental History
Plenty of Storage
2 Queen Beds
Marble Bathroom
Spacious Living room
Self-Storing Storm Door ( Front Door)
Balcony Doors that Slide into the Walls for Unimpeded View.
Ocean Front view
Chef’s Kitchen- fully equipped with refrigerator, stove, microwave, small appliances, utensils and dishes.

Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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Quilt Festival Mazatlan

The Venados and San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlán bring you MQCF. A not-to-be-missed 3-day event that will feature a variety of local, national and international artisans!

                   A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MQCF

                    We’re Not Just a Quilt Festival …

For it’s second year, Mazatlán International Quilt & Cultural Festival is expanding into a whole new format! This year the festival will not only feature international quilters, it will also include regional and local artisans. Making for an incredibly unique shopping extravaganza! From the arts & crafts die-hard to the sports afficonado, MQCF is sure to have something for everyone. With an Author’s Corner featuring writers of Mexico, raffles and silent auctions with uniques prizes, and interactive activities with Venados players

This is an event you don’t want to miss!


For those who are unfamiliar with these handmade, colorful and comforting beauties, here are a few interesting facts about quilts. Much like a sandwich, a quilt is composed of three separate layers: a woven fabric on the top and bottom surrounded by a soft, spongy middle filler. Not surprisingly, the technique of sewing these three layers together is commonly called quilting and while no one knows its exact origins, this popular craft is thought to have been practiced from the earliest of times in far-flung regions like Mongolia, Egypt and the South Pacific.

In most cases, the top layer is hand or machine assembled from a patchwork of small fabric swatches to form an attractive design. In other instances, if a single fabric piece is chosen for the quilt top, the stitching pattern itself becomes the key design element.

Historically, quilts have provided warmth and comfort as padded bedcovers or throws and to this day, they continue to fulfill this utilitarian role. But over the last several hundred years, quilts have gained in stature as precious family heirlooms and dazzling works of art to be proudly displayed as wall hangings, table runners and even incorporated into clothing designs. Today, many antique quilts, including intricate examples from the mid-1700 and 1800s that were years in the making, grace the halls of homes and museums.

San Francisco Quilt Shop In Mazatlan:


1005-A Carnaval
Ciudad Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico 82040

Music of Life

The beautiful port of Mazatlan

What happens when you listen to the most beautiful music? There is very little to reveal the details of our next concert in Mazatlan !!! Do not miss it …

Fantastic concert of your favorite songs of all times.
Orchestra, vocals, dancers, fun, life…

Music Life – Orchestra Fest

Music of Life will take place at the beautiful Angela Peralta Theather

For additional Information, changes of dates

please visit

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Mazatlan4Sale Art Gallery presents

Fabulous Eutiquio Valdez

Eutiquio Valdez was born in Mazatlan Sinaloa. As a child, without many opportunities to study art of painting, he spent hours with pencil and notebook and then got fascinated by colors and figures. Sunsets, sunrises, the color of the sky and the sea, the look of a child, the kind face of an old man and the older woman motivated to begin this adventure. Being in Mazatlan it is the best part of his artistic life. Beautiful place inspires to put on paper miracles.  Today Eutiquio a participant in many exhibitions and many of his paintings are found abroad and in many condominiums of the port. As well as his murals are in houses of the old Mazatlan and in restaurants. One of them the well-known restaurant Macaws.

“Your mayor challenge is to overcome your last job and create stories and characters that make you smile.
A blank canvas is the beginning of an adventure.”




Mexican Fantastic Cuisine!


If there is a typical Easter meal that is undoubtedly Capirotada, a dessert that can only be enjoyed for a few months of the year and that has become a tradition in the Sinaloa homes. The history of the capirotada dates back to the times of the conquest, was brought by the Spaniards to the new world, at that time the capirotada far from being sweet, was prepared with meat and sausages, considered a plate of waste, because it was prepared with food scraps such as garlic, vinegar and egg.

Over the years the recipe was undergoing modifications, one of the first was to soak the bread in a sauce of brown sugar, tomato and spices, little by little it became a dessert, but always using second chance ingredients as a symbol of humility. The capirotada is a dish closely linked to Christian traditions, its name is a tribute to the Capirote, a type of hat worn in the religious processions of Holy Week. Its ingredients also have a mystical meaning, it is said that the bread represents the body of Christ; Honey his blood; Cinnamon recalls the wood of the cross and the cloves that were used to crucify it. Take advantage of the season and learn how to prepare this delicious dish from home.


Virote bread or rolls, 4 pieces
Tortillas from the previous day, 10
Nuts, 150 grams prunes,
1/2 cup Raisins,
1/2 cup Coconut Striped,
1 Cup Peanut, 200 grs.
Apple pieces,
1 Banana sliced,
1 Package white cheese,
100 grams Orange to scratch the peel,
1 Piloncillo ( Mexican natural brown sugar ), 3 pieces
Cinnamon in slit,

Pieces of sliced ​​bread a little more than an inch thick are cut, roasted a little and spread with butter. The tortillas are placed at the bottom and on the sides of the bowl to prevent cooking from being directly on the bread. A honey is prepared by boiling the piloncillo in 3 water rates with some of cinnamon sticks, an orange peel and a pinch of salt. Slices of bread are arranged a little apart from each other because it will expand in layers or “batches”, with nuts, plums, raisins, grated coconut, sliced ​​peanuts of banana and apple. In the final layer, the cheese is distributed with some orange zest and honey is added, allowing the layers to gradually get wet. Simmer 15 min. at 180ºc covered and another 10 minutes is left uncovered. because the bread will rise as honey is incorporated.

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Mazatlan4Sale Art Gallery
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Art Walk Golden Zone 2019-2020

That’s how we lived our Art Walk in Golden Zone
February 20th

Next ArtWalk Golden Zone
March 19th


Looking for VOLUNTEERS!

Every month Mazatlan4Sale organizes Margaritas give away and sale of hand-painted Jarritos to get funds for charity during our Art Event.
Last season 2018-2019 during Art Walk Golden Zone we had proudly served hundreds of margaritas and give a big financial help to the orphanage house of girls Florecer.
This year we have decided to make it even bigger and work directly with Back2Back Organization to be able to reach out all orphanage houses in Mazatlan.We are waiting for you in our office to be the person who cares and makes the difference.
Come to paint jarrito!
All materials for painting are provided.
Mazatlan4Sale Office ( Av. Playa Gaviotas 439 A )
Mondays-Fridays 9:00-5:00 pm
Saturdays 9:00-2:00 pm



The Best places to Eat in Mazatlan

El Aljibe de San Pedro

One of Mazatlán’s most charming restaurants—if not the most charming—is El Aljibe de San Pedro, a subterranean spot that was once a cistern. It’s decorated tastefully with all sorts of paintings and antique toys. If Spanish influences are detected in the dishes, it’s not by accident; the owner is from Spain. But fresh-from-the-sea fish and other local ingredients are also found on the menu, in plates such as four-pepper tuna and Aztec chicken breast served with cactus paddle.

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