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The Hacienda of your dreams, this beauty is located in the heart of the Golf Course of the El Cid Golf Resort.  2 Complete Separate Homes, 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Home on the Main Floor and a 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom on the Upper Floors.  In total the home has Four Bedrooms 4 Full Baths, your own private lot, with a Beautiful Garden and Swimming Pool Overlooking to the Fairway of the # 3 Moro Golf Course, Quiet, on a private closed street of Dona Sol.  Move in right away, perfect for you and your family.

Successful Turn Key Airbnb Hacienda Located in the Private Golf Course Community of El Cid.

24 Hour El Cid Security
Heated Pool in the Back Yard Overlooking #3 Moro of the El Cid Golf Course

Live in One, Rent the Other or Rent both Units

Perfect for Large Groups and Family’s

4 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms
2 Master Suites
2 Guest Rooms w/ Single Beds

2 Full Kitchens
2 Full Dining Rooms

Gas BBQ on the Patio
Washers & Dryer
Shaw Direct TV
Fully Equipped Kitchens Perfect for cooking or entertaining guests
Linen, Sheets, Towels

Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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St. Valentine’s Day
Best ideas how to spend this Day

Trying to decide where to go in Mazatlan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style? From Valentine’s Day candlelight dinners and champagne with a view, to exquisite parties and adventures for two, impress your date with a romantic getaway to Mazatlan this Valentine’s Day.

Singles Event On Valentine’s Day

  • Speed Dating In Mazatlan
  • Girls Night Party

Go DIY With Unique Valentine’s Day Crafts

  • Learn How To Create Valentine’s Special Wreath
  • Take On A Valentine’s Day Card Making Workshop And Surprise Your Love With Mushy Words!
  • Gifts Are Priceless When There Is Extra Effort. Try To Create Your Own DIY Valentine’s Gifts.
  • Go On Couples Painting Workshop – Spill Paints & Love!

Who said Valentine’s is just for adults, keep it fun and exciting for kids. Book a crafty event for your child and let your kids celebrate Valentine’s their way.

Fancy A Date? Here Are Some Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For You

  • Treat Your Partner With A Refreshing Spa Date
  • Go On Cooking Or Baking Events – Keep It Unconventional!
    • Learn How To Bake A Cookie At Cookie Making Workshops
    • Keep It Fun This Valentine’s Day. Be A Part Of Paint And Wine Night To Hog And Spill Colours.
    • Treat Your Partner With Delish Chocolates. Go, Book Your Place At One Of The Chocolate Making Workshops Near You.
    • Cupcakes Or Cocktails? Choose Whatever You Fancy. Take A Workshop. Treat Your Foodie Partner With Your Handmade Cupcakes/Cocktails.
  • Keep It Romantic And Head To A Valentine’s Special Movie Screening
  • For All The Luxury: Book A Fancy Hotel Or A Valentine’s Day Cruise And Shower Your Partner With Nothing But Love
  • Chocolate Or Wine Tasting Sounds Like A Nice Plan Too.
  • Yoga Date Is One Unique Thing To Do But Definitely Makes The List
  • Be All Carefree And Dance It Away – Salsa Dancing Or A Latin Dance
  • Laugh It Out At Some Of The FUNNNN Comedy Events Near You Or Catch A Broadway Show
  • Try Interesting Valentine’s Day Activities Like Scavenger Hunt
  • Head To A Karaoke Bar, Jazz Night Or A Concert For A Lovely Experience Of Live Music On Valentine’s Day
  • Finally, for all the adventurous couples, there are some exciting things to pump your adrenaline. Go hot air balloon-ing, take a helicopter ride or just look for some Valentine’s Getaway option.

Things To Do On Valentine’s Day in Mazatlan

  • Wine And Dine Party
  • Go To A Karaoke Night And Sing It Up
  • Take A Fancy Spa Date
  • Try Your Hands At A Chocolate Baking Workshop
  • Plan A Movie Marathon
  • Book A Table At Your Favorite Cafe
  • Go Staycation-ing
  • Take On Some Risque Adventure With Your Partner
  • Surprise Your Love/Pal With Concert Tickets

These were a few things to do on Valentine’s day but but this is more for all the singles. Celebrate 13th February- Galentine’s day with your best friends, we have already given you quite some interesting ideas above.

Be In Love. Shower Your Partner With Love. Discover Some Of The Lovely Valentine’s Day Events In Mazatlan.





Carnival 2020 in Mazatlan

Mazatlán Carnival is said to be the third biggest carnival in the world with over a million people celebrating in the city for the six days before Lent. Here is everything you need to know to celebrate carnival in Mazatlán.

Official Dates:

February 20th 2020

February 25th, 2020

What is carnival in Mazatlán?

Mazatlán Carnival or Carnaval de Mazatlán is a pre-Lenten carnival celebration that is now celebrating its 122nd year. It takes place every year in the five days preceding Lent as is the most anticipated event of the year! Mazatlán Carnival claims to be the third largest carnival in the world with well over a million people heading to the city, to celebrate carnival. There is no other carnival in the world that celebrates like Mazatlán who is known for its abundance of brass bands.

Mazatlán Carnival is without a doubt one of the most unique and vibrant celebrations in all of Mexico and absolutely worth experiencing. Despite the fact that Mazatlán is a popular international tourist destination almost the majority of the people attending carnival are from Mexico. The locals say that carnival is part of their DNA and that carnival runs through their veins. Work and school come to a halt during carnival so that everyone can be swept up in the carnival spirit.

When is the Mazatlán Carnival?

The dates for 2020 Carnival in Mazatlan begins on Thursday 20th February and finishes on Shrove Tuesday which is the 25th February, 2020. However, you can feel the party atmosphere kicking in a few days before the official start of carnival.

Where is Mazatlán Carnival?

Mazatlán is located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa and situated on the Pacific Coast and runs parallel to the southern tip of Baja California peninsula. Mazatlán is a popular tourist destination for North Americans because of its warm climate, gorgeous sandy beaches and historical colonial towns. All of this makes celebrating carnival in Mazatlán an excellent choice!

How do they celebrate Mazatlán Carnival?

This merry Mexican carnival is celebrated in the five days prior to Ash Wednesday. One of its main features is the abundance of brass bands as well as the sounds of Tambora music that fill the air, and can be heard day and night all over the city for the duration of carnival.

In addition to the excess of traditional live music, Mazatlán Carnival has colourful parades, fireworks, awards for poetry, art and literature, carnival royalty coronations. The party atmosphere fills overtakes the whole city, and everyone gives in to enjoying the sensation of excess. All the streets of Mazatlán are transformed into a sea of people drinking, socialising and dancing the night away to all the different bands that line the Malecon.

Mazatlán Carnival is a holiday period for the local people which means that the carnival celebrations go all day and night. Because it is an intergenerational family celebration you will see grandparents out with children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

A few weeks before Mazatlán Carnival officially starts about 10 giant multi-coloured carnival figurines called Monigotes are paraded along the Maelcon and are based on the current years theme.

The following dates at this stage are only guidelines and will be updated when the official dates are released, but the carnival generally follows these events at the same time.

  • Thursday 20th February, 2- 7pm: Muestra Gastronomica Food Festival at Plaza Machado
  • Thursday 20th February, 7:30pm: Masquerade Ball Baile de Fantasia
  • Thursday 20th February, 7:30pm: Coronation of the King of Joy at Paseo Claussen
  • Friday 21st February, 8:30pm: Floral Games at Venados Stadium
  • Saturday 22nd February, 6:30pm: Carnival Queen Coronation at Venados Stadium
  • Saturday 22nd February, 8:00pm: Bad Mood Burning at Olas Atas Beach Malecon
  • Saturday 22nd February,10:30pm: Naval Combat Fireworks at Olas Atlas Malecon
  • Sunday 23rd February, 5:30pm: Inaugural Parade at Olas Atlas Malecon
  • Monday 24th February, 10:00am: Children’s Dance at Salon Espectacular
  • Monday 24th February, 6:30pm: Coronation of the Child Queen at Venados Stadium
  • Monday 24th February, 10:00pm: Festival of Lights Fireworks along the Malecon
  • Tuesday 25th February, 4:30pm: Second Parade from the Aquarium south along the Malecon

Mazatlán Carnival Tips

  • Because Mazatlán Carnival is a party for all ages, enjoy yourself and have a good time but be aware that this carnival is different to a lot of others where it’s just lots of wild partying and drinking. If that’s the carnival experience you are after maybe try another carnivalMazatlán Carnival is about being part of a tradition that is shared amongst generations.
  • You must book your accommodation well in advance! Because accommodation gets booked up months in advance!
  • We recommend you dress casual, wear good shoes, avoid jewellery and at night bring a jacket or jumper because it may be chilly.
  • Leave your valuables at the hotel and don’t bring a lot of cash with you because there are pickpockets and its very crowded so it’s easy to pickpocket.
  • When attending the parades you can buy little wooden fold up chairs for a few dollars from vendors. Other options to watch the parade are on some hotel balconies.
  • Expect huge crowds and loud music, if this doesn’t seem like your thing, then maybe this isn’t the carnival for you.
  • To see the fireworks we recommend arriving early in Olas Altas around 5-6pm and find a seat on the Malecon You will have to take turns with friends to go to bathroom or get drinks to maintain your prime seating. You can also secure some seats on one of the many party boats that head out into the bay to watch the fireworks. Plenty of hotels offer reservations to view the fireworks. But also you could book accommodation that offers a view.


Learn more about Carnival:





“Los Ojos”

Special presentation of the famous painter
Hugo Curiel

January 15, 2020

Gaia Bistrot announces the opening of Los Ojos art exhibit on Tuesday February 11, 2020.

This is a solo show by the talented Mexican painter Hugo Curiel. Hugo was born in Mexico City but has made his home in Xalapa and Playa del Carmen. He’s a self-taught painter and when he was only 11 years -old he won an award for drawing. From drawing he dipped into acrylics and has never stop creating – portraits, landscapes, and figurative paintings, but his passion is an abstract art.

Reviewers have said Hugo “spills talent” and this certainly shows in his vibrant colours; his paintings have a special irresistible energy. Critics and galleries have responded to his art as he has exhibited in Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Xalapa and now, for the first time, in Mazatlan.

Hugo is one of those rare artists who believes in giving back. Over the years he’s held workshops for children and he’s a big supporter of emerging artists.

All of us at Gaia Bistrot hope you will be able to attend
Los Ojos on Tuesday February 11,
[cocktails and canapés will be offered from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.] the exhibit is hanging until the end of March.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on Hugo Curiel: please contact Yuliia Yushyna, Mazatlan4Sale, +52 1 669 148 0293.

[Gaia Bistrot is located in Centro’s Plazuela Machado at Herberito Frias and Sixto Osuna.]

Get to meet some of his Art pieces

Don’t Miss This Big Exposition!

For more details Contact Mazatlan4Sale Office


Mexican Fantastic Cuisine!

Chilaquiles Rojos

Where have these red chilaquiles been all my life?
Chilaquiles (pronounced chee-luh-key-lays) are a traditional Mexican breakfast made with tortilla chips simmered in sauce. Typically, they’re made with green salsa (in Spanish, salsa verde, which yields chilaquiles verdes) or red enchilada sauce (chilaquiles rojos).

Thats fantastic how the chips soak up some of the sauce and become a little tender. Fresh toppings, including cilantro, radish or onion, crumbled cheese and oftentimes, fried eggs, make this chip-based dish more of a complete meal.

Chilaquiles are a fun weekend breakfast or brunch. They’re also a comforting and quick
breakfast-f0r-dinner option, and a great way to use up a bag of leftover tortilla chips. Ready to learn how to make them?


Chilaquiles Rojos Ingredients

Let’s break this chilaquiles recipe down into three parts:

1) Enchilada sauce

Sauce forms the backbone of flavor in chilaquiles, so you need to use a great one. The red sauce is full of rich, long-simmered, chili-pepper flavor, yet it’s so easy to make in a big skillet before adding the chips.

If you want to use your own red enchilada sauce recipe, or a store-bought option you’ll need 2 cups.

2) Tortilla chips

Authentic Mexican chilaquiles are made with fried tortilla chips. You can prepare homemade chilaquiles with freshly baked tortilla chips and store-bought tortilla chips—more details on those options below.

3) Toppings!

Tangy crumbled cheese, crisp radish, fresh cilantro, and creamy avocado all offer welcome contrast to saucy chips. If you’re topping your chilaquiles with eggs, you’ll want to either prepare them in advance of making the sauce, or while your sauce is simmering (if you are great at multitasking).

How to Make Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are easy to make—if you’re prepared! Chilaquiles come together quickly, so prep all of your ingredients before you get started. That includes garnishes, too.

Once your ingredients are ready to go, we will:

1) Make the enchilada sauce in a large skillet.

We’ll use the same skillet throughout the recipe. Once the enchilada sauce is good to go, we’ll reduce the heat to the lowest possible setting, then…

2) Add the tortilla chips and stir, stir, stir.

It might seem like your tortilla chips will never be fully coated, but they will eventually. If your chips haven’t softened up during the stirring process, cover up the skillet for a few minutes.

3) Add toppings and serve immediately.

Chilaquiles aren’t complete without a generous amount of fresh toppings. The chips can get soggy over time, so serve your chilaquiles right away.

Homemade Tortilla Chips vs. Store-Bought Tortilla Chips

Many chilaquiles recipes suggest frying your own tortilla chips.

Baked tortilla chips work great in chilaquiles, so that’s another great option. As a bonus, baked chips don’t require nearly as much oil. You’ll find instructions in the section below.

If you first experiment with chilaquiles, you can be disappointed by the results with store-bought tortilla chips. Some brands taste oily or stale, and they impart those flavors to the chilaquiles.

However, there is the brand of tortilla chips that actually are great in chilaquiles—Late July’s chia and quinoa variety. You’ll see those chips used in this post.

How to Bake Crispy Tortilla Chips

You’ll need 16 thin corn tortillas, 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Here’s how:

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with racks in the upper-middle and lower-middle positions. Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper for easy clean-up. Brush both sides of each tortilla lightly with oil. Stack the tortillas, 4 at once, and slice them into 8 wedges. Repeat with remaining tortillas. Divide the wedges between the two baking sheets and arrange them evenly across the pans (it’s ok if the chips overlap; they’ll shrink significantly as they bake). Sprinkle half the salt over one pan and half over the other.
  2. Bake, swapping the pans on their racks every 5 minutes, until the chips are curling up at the edges and some are starting to turn golden on the edges. This could take as little as 10 minutes. Keep an eye on the top rack especially, as those tend to finish baking first. Once you see the chips on the top rack turn golden on the edges, remove that pan and move the pan on the lower rack up to the top. Bake until those chips start turning golden on the edges, then remove from the oven.

To Add Eggs, or Not to Add Eggs

That is the question. In Mexico, chilaquiles don’t automatically come with eggs.

In the U.S., chilaquiles are almost always served with fried eggs on top—and they’re delicious.

You can add eggs to your chilaquiles because they make them more substantial.
Scrambled or poached eggs are great, too.

Want a hearty plant-based option? Serve your chilaquiles with a side of refried beans. These chilaquiles are easily made dairy free/vegan, by the way—see the recipe notes for details.

Detailed recipe:




Art Walk Golden Zone 2019-2020

That’s how we lived our Art Walk in Golden Zone
January 16th

Next ArtWalk Golden Zone
February 20th



Looking for VOLUNTEERS!

Every month Mazatlan4Sale organizes Margaritas give away and sale of hand-painted Jarritos to get funds for charity during our Art Event.
Last season 2018-2019 during Art Walk Golden Zone we had proudly served hundreds of margaritas and give a big financial help to the orphanage house of girls Florecer.
This year we have decided to make it even bigger and work directly with Back2Back Organization to be able to reach out all orphanage houses in Mazatlan.We are waiting for you in our office to be the person who cares and makes the difference.
Come to paint jarrito!
All materials for painting are provided.
Mazatlan4Sale Office ( Av. Playa Gaviotas 439 A )
Mondays-Fridays 9:00-5:00 pm
Saturdays 9:00-2:00 pm

The Best places to Eat in Mazatlan

La Marea

Located at the top of Cerro del Vigia, La Marea is the best place in Mazatlan to enjoy the freshest and most delicious seafood in the Pacific. Spacious place where you can enjoy time with family and friends, spend birthdays, anniversaries, or any type of event you want to celebrate. One of the best sections of La Marea is its terrace, from which you can contemplate incredible sunsets and the city of Mazatlan. The extensive menu of La Marea is designed to accommodate the different tastes of diners, this includes sushi rolls, hot and cold seafood bar, toast, cuts of meat, etc. We have a wine cellar from which you can choose different types of wines and bottles; Cocktails and beers from local to artisanal, to accompany your dishes. Dare to live a unique experience at La Marea.


Working Hours:

12:00 – 22:00





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