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Amazing Views!
Centro Home with 3 Separate Apartments

Próspero Año Nuevo!

This is the gem you have been looking for!   Only steps from the beach and the Machado!

Nestled in on the most photographed streets of Mazatlán, Prospero has it all.

Location, views, investment potential & old Mexico charm for you & your guests.

TURNKEY 3 separate apartments define this space each sharing a common rooftop garden with a soaking pool & outdoor BBQ space.

Bring your whole family or rent out each unit.

Each apartment comes with its own kitchen, bathroom & is fully furnished with multiple patios.

NOTE: Each unit has its own separate entrance.

Main Level – Apartment #1 

  • 2 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • Full Kitchen
  • A/C
  • Rear Patio with Garden View
  • Laundry Room on Main Level Shared

Second Level – Apartment #2

  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • A/C
  • Full Kitchen
  • Front Patio with Ocean Views
  • Rear Patio with City and Cathedral Views

Third Level – Apartment #3

  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • Full Kitchen
  • A/C
  • Front Patio with Ocean Views
  • Rear Patio with City and Cathedral Views  


Roof Top Common Area Space
Soaking  Pool
Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ Area 
Filtered Water in all the Apartments ( Kitchens and Bathrooms) 
Genuine Talavera Tile used throughout the Home 

AMAZING 360 Degrees of Views of the surrounding City and Ocean

Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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Did You Know?
By: Lionne Decker

New requirements for Mexicans over 18 and all foreign residents must register with SAT

All foreigners in Mexico on Residente Temporal & Resident Permanente visas, and anyone over age 18 with a CURP, face 3 new requirements by January 1, 2023.

  1. Get RFC numbers (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) from SAT-Hacienda to register as a taxpayer-resident in Mexico, and then
  2. Get a “Constancia de Situacion Fiscal” document from SAT-Hacienda, as proof of Tax – Fiscal registration with SAT, and
  3. That “Constancia de Situacion Fiscal” document will be necessary at some point** to be electricity (CFE), water, or internet customer in Mexico. Further, any buying or selling of a car or house or property will also require having an RFC and the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal document.

Código Fiscal de la Federación, artículo 27 … also see the Mexican DOF. &

Background: Why, Where & When
Last Jan.3, 2022 SAT made what looked like minor changes to Articulo 27 of the Federal Fiscal Code requiring all adults (18 & over) to get an RFC. The purposes were to cut down on identity theft and increase tax compliance-collection by requiring people who already have RFCs to get new current Constancias de Situacion Fiscal (to prove who they are & that they have current valid RFCs), and by requiring all adult residents of Mexico to get a valid RFC. The old RFC application procedures were riddled with identity theft problems from strangers creating RFC’s online without having a formal account with password & personal ID confirmation. Under the new 2022 system, people without RFCs have to register in person to confirm their identity (Note SAT does not accept foreign passports as an ID), and those with RFCs need to create an online account with SAT and establish a password, to be able to print out the new official Constancia de Situacion Fiscal document needed to buy or sell a house or car, or to set up a CFE or internet, or water department account.

First (1) … Many people in Mexico think they have an RFC, while they actually don’t. There was over a decade when local branches of Mexican banks just made-up RFCs for their clients who had no actual official RFC from SAT-Hacienda, just to allow the bank to open an account for the person. Those old bank-issued RFCs are not valid for anything – so, unless you personally went into a SAT-Hacienda office and got your RFC, instead know that the bank-issued RFC is likely worthless & that you still need to go get an official RFC from SAT.

1.a. … Still, this is Mexico: Some foreigners actually have RFCs that they were unaware of, because some banks, car dealers & some Notarios successfully created valid RFCs for their customers when the foreigner bought or sold a home, bought a car, or started a bank account, without your knowledge or approval => which WAS part of the problem of Identity Theft, because people created RFCs without the foreigner’s knowledge. So … Some foreigners are finding that when they apply for an RFC now, that the SAT system kicks them out of the online queue, because they already have an RFC. These people with RFC’s then need to create an official online account with SAT, and establish a password – to be allowed to print out their current Constancia de Situacion Fiscal document needed to buy-sell a property, car, or start a CFE, internet or water dept. account.

Unfortunately, these actions directed heavily at identity thieves.  These new requirements are partly being driven mostly by anti-money laundering laws & changes from Mexico trying to increase tax compliance, by requiring all Mexicans over age 18 to now be registered at SAT with RFC numbers.


How to Register for an RFC Appointment with

SAT’s current system for registering for an RFC requires the foreigner to register online to get an appointment to come in to an SAT-Hacienda office, to both register, get ID fotos & supply fingerprints.

SAT Online Appointment Website:

When online at the SAT portal, we request an appointment ( “Registrar Cita ” ), and then choose the option as an individual taxpayer ( “Persona Fisica ” ), and then enter your CURP number. Also note that you will need to take an official copy of your CURP document to your SAT appointment – so keep it handy when you get it out to register online for your SAT RFC appointment.

The next parts of the online SAT RFC appointment request process are straightforward:
On the next page after entering your CURP, you select the service you want (RFC appointment), & choose the state you want to apply in.

NOTE: … Our local Mazatlan SAT-Hacienda office has been taking 2 – 4 months to issue appointments, so many people who need to buy or sell a house, property, or car have been making their appointments through our office to help speed things along.  We have gone as far as Hermosillo to speed this up.

After you select the state you want to apply in, you will either be given the option to choose a date on a calendar, or you will face a notice that says no appointments are available at this time – which is why many foreigners in Mazatlan are choosing other municipalities, but even those appointments are filling up now.

If you face the “no appointments available” option, you will then have the option to choose to enter a virtual line – queue (“fila virtual“), which gets you in to the system, but the last 3 months of internet reports by foreigners show that you may not get a notice for an appointment for another 4 months. Applying for a spot in the fila virtual, and then entering your email, enables SAT to send you an alpha-numerical “token” that is used to join the virtual line.

At that point, you sit and wait, and monitor your email for a notice from SAT notifying you of your appointment date. As you go in for your appointment, you’ll need a short list of documents.

 The current SAT website lists:

~ A valid migratory document (your Residente visa card);
~ A comprobante, (proof of address), like a bank statement, CFE electric bill, or copy of your rental agreement-contract.
~ Your passport

Note … Assorted internet reports describe that many SAT offices are also requiring that you show a copy of your CURP document, even though this is not reported on the SAT website.

Recent internet reports also describe that you should bring a USB memory stick, for SAT to download a personal digital signature “firma digital” for future use. At that point SAT takes your ID foto, takes your finger prints (all at no charge). Finally, recent internet reports say that the process takes about 40 minutes.
Final Note: As these new requirements come online, there will be consequences from the new legal requirements: People who want to sign up for internet services, for water services, for CFE accounts … or to buy or sell a house, property or car, will have to provide both their RFC number, and their Constancia de Situacion Fiscal document.

Quote by Karen Sloan


Easy Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Latte


A pumpkin spice latte tastes like heavenly, caffeinated pumpkin pie in a cup – but in latte form. Just what is a latte? This popular coffee shop drink comes from the Italian word for “milk” and is an espresso-based drink that contains a healthy amount of steamed milk and foam. A pumpkin spice latte simply throws pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree into the equation.

It’s true— you really can create a delicious pumpkin spice latte without leaving the house. Since its first debut around 2003, the Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL) has become a seasonal staple that millions wait in anticipation for each year, with its appearance on coffee shop menus and grocery store shelves now marking the unofficial start of fall. But now, there’s no need to keep asking your barista when pumpkin spice is coming back or to make specific requests to make sure your coffee shop uses vegan ingredients because you can be in total control when you make your own at home. This recipe is dairy free, requires no fancy espresso machine, and most of all, makes this beloved beverage available any time of the year.



  • 2 cups of oatmeal or almond-based milk
  • ¾ cup Coffee, brewed strong
  • 2 ½ Tbsp. Fresh Pumpkin Puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • 2 Tbsp. Maple Syrup (or sugar of choice)
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla
  • ¾ tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice (plus extras for topping)

Prep Time: 5 mins
Servings: 2



  1. Brew coffee and set it aside.
  2. In a medium saucepan, add the Oat or Almond Milk, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, vanilla, and pumpkin pie spice.
  3. Cook on medium-low, stirring constantly until all ingredients are completely blended together. For a frothier consistency, try using a hand frother to combine or frothing the milk separately from the pumpkin mixture.
  4. Add coffee, and finish stirring until desired drinking temperature is reached.
  5. Serve as is or with dairy-free whipped topping and extra pumpkin pie spice, if desired.

Pumpkin is one of nature’s wonderful foods that is packed with nutrients that are good for the body and it doesn’t have to just be a ‘fall food’. When consumed with other healthy ingredients, you can regularly enjoy its benefits. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, antioxidants, immunity-boosting vitamins, and lutein while boasting a low calorie count. At the beginning of cold and flu season, consuming foods like this that benefit your immune system can help keep you healthy.


While you can use canned pumpkin or pumpkin pie filling in your latte, we recommend making your own pumpkin puree. It’s simple to do and you can control everything that goes into it, eliminating unnecessary sugar and other additives or preservatives.

To make your pumpkin puree, roast two halves of a seeded pumpkin until they are fully cooked. Then, scoop out the cooked pumpkin and put it into a blender. Add some salt to taste if you prefer, or leave it out completely. To substitute for canned pumpkin, simply use the same amount of puree you would use. You can also freeze portions of unused puree for easy retrieval later. Try putting your puree in ice cube trays to freeze, then transfer them to an airtight container or freezer safe bag until you’re ready to use them. Pumpkin typically stays good in the freezer for 6 months and about 1 week in the fridge.

Quick tips for brewing stronger coffee: If you’d like a stronger coffee, brew your coffee twice-over in a traditional drip machine or select the smallest setting on your instant one-cup brewer. You can also use a French press with a high concentration of coffee with a smaller amount of water. If you do have an espresso machine, use 2 shots of espresso in place of the brewed coffee.



Escondido Beachfront Condo with Pool

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms
Occupying a private stretch of Cerritos Beach, Mazatlán’s most famous stretch of sand. Feel the life’s pressures melt away as you survey breathtaking vistas of Deer Island, golden sand and the sparkling Sea of Cortez.

Experience a world of pure relaxation at Escondido Towers in Mazatlán, Mexico. Your 3-bedroom paradise is found on the grounds of the magnificent condo on the 10th floor of Escondido Towers, a refined and sophisticated privately owned resort community. Occupying a private stretch of Cerritos Beach, Mazatlán’s most famous stretch of sand. Feel the life’s pressures melt away as you survey breathtaking vistas of Deer Island, golden sand and the sparkling Sea of Cortez.

Begin and end each day around the al fresco table of your private balcony. As the sun rises higher in the endless blue sky, take to a chaise longue and watch boats skim the horizon. Explore the grounds, where you’ll have exclusive access to beach loungers and several pristine pool areas.

Inside, hundreds of individual touches have each been carefully planned, creating an exceptional standard of an Décor elegance. The spacious living room, with a finely upholstered lounge set, resides next to immense picture windows and a pocket glass wall. State-of-the-art features are found throughout, including central air-conditioning, home theater equipment, Wi-Fi and more. The gourmet kitchen has every premium appliance you could want for preparing feasts. Dine around a granite breakfast bar or the regency dining room set.

Discover the tranquil, uninterrupted rest you crave in the well-appointed bedrooms. Fine linens and soft mattresses adorn King size beds in the master, Queen, and Twin Beds in the 3rd Bedroom. The spacious Master suite leads out to a charming balcony overlooking the azure sea. Its spectacular en-suite houses both a jacuzzi relaxation tub and walk-in shower.

You’ll be excused for not wanting to leave the grounds, but when you do, you’ll find adventure at every turn. Stroll the long shoreline of Cerritos Beach for a glimpse of Mazatlán’s beauty. Explore the town for shopping, dining and nightlife in excess. Boat tours, whale watching trips can be arranged through your concierge.

Lobby & Lounge Area
Terrace w/ Ocean View
Lounge w/ Grill
Infinity Pool & Jacuzzi
Sunbathing area w/ Lounge Chairs
Shower Area
Beach Access

Master Bedroom
King Bed
Large Closet
Private Bathroom with Shower

Guest Bedroom #1
Queen Bed
Private Bathroom

Guest Bedroom #2
Queen Bed

Chef’s Kitchen– fully equipped with refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, small appliances, and dishes.

Approved Products: 
We use disinfectants approved by global health agencies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Protective Equipment:
We wore protective equipment, like a mask and gloves, while cleaning

Thoroughly Clean:
Each room was cleaned using extensive cleaning checklists

Cleaning Supplies On Hand:
We provide extra cleaning supplies, so you can clean as you stay

Every Surface Sanitized:
All high-touch surfaces have been sanitized, such as doorknobs, cabinets, and light switches


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