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Location, Location, Location……..El Cid is home to 3 nine hole golf courses, making it an ideal destination for avid players seeking a challenge.  The resort’s central location means there’s more to do than tee off. You’re also just a few miles from The Golden Zone, where you’ll find a range of dining, shopping and nightlife options.

Drawing inspiration from hacienda-style architecture, the casa’s charms with decor and comfort-ability make this a very relaxing place to live.

This stylish and spacious home has all you will need on the main level, 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, breakfast nook over looking the pool and golf course.  Additionally you have 2 bedrooms, and 2 full size bathrooms on the upper level.

4 Bedroom / 4.5 Bathroom Private Golf Course Home w/ Pool

Large 2 Car Garage

Gated Community with 24 Security

Private Pool Overlooking Moro #1

Upper Level Bedroom #1
Balcony that Overlooks the Golf Course
Private Bathroom

Upper Level  Bedroom #2
Balcony that Overlooks the Golf Course
Private Bathroom

Lower Bedroom #3
Center Courtyard off Bedroom
Private Bathroom

Lower  Bedroom #4
Center Courtyard off Bedroom
Private Bathroom

Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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Mazatlan will officially open its doors to tourists on July 1

The Ministry of Tourism, in addition to offering all the places in the city in Mazatlan, will promote the rural areas as well

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After ninety days of training in hygiene protocols, modification of facilities, establishment of security measures, and strict international certification, Mazatlan and its beaches are declared ready to receive tourists starting on July 1, 2020.

This announcement comes right at the beginning of the summer, considered among the seasons with the highest demand for visitors at the “Pearl of the Pacific”.

All the tourist services of the destination that are part of the Responsible Tourism Chain will participate in the new normal, including the airport, tourist transport, hotels, restaurants, and tour operators, among others. “We are ready to deliver smiles and traditional Mazatlan hospitality to our visitors,” said Tourism Secretary Óscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism for the state of Sinaloa.

The hotels in the port are ready with all the sanitary measures, such as sanitizing filters, mandatory use of mouth-guards, and applying the healthy distance in each and every space, both public and within tourist facilities and attractions.

The Secretary of Tourism has made a tour of different hotels in the port of Mazatlan to verify that they have all the sanitary measures recommended by the Health authorities.

Tourism offers the entire city of Mazatlan, but it will also promote the rural areas such as El Quelite, El Rosario, Copala, and Concordia.

SOURCE: Debate


New Soccer Stadium in Mazatlan

Liga MX side Morelia have now confirmed their switch to Mazatlan, with the Monarcas ownership formally asking the Mexican league to sanction the change.

It’s a situation that is not usual on these shores: a club uprooting and relocating to a completely new city. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Mexico’s Liga MX side Monarcas Morelia who have officially announced their move to Mazatlan. The Pacific Coast city, which boasts a brand new 25,000 capacity stadium, has long been rumoured as a destination for a team to move to, although fans in Morelia have protested in recent weeks, with that city now left without a football team.

With a new stadium built in the city of Mazatlan and the governor of the state of Sinaloa saying that he was bringing football to town, rumours started stirring about who was going to be the team to move to the city. The rumours were strong that it was Puebla but it later proved to be Morelia. Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla has also previously praised the potential of Mazatlan, which is considered a vacation destination. 

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New Soccer Team

ALL-New Mazatlan FC Liga MX Club Launched –
No More Monarcas Morelia

Some time ago, it was announced that the Mexican Liga MX Monarcas Morelia franchise would be moving to the city of Mazatlán. Now the name and the all-new logo of the new Mazatlán Liga MX team has been announced – introducing Mazatlán FC.
New Liga MX team.

A beautiful crest, that was thought of based on remarkable places of the City of Mazatlán based in the State of Sinaloa. The club’s crest contains the circle around; within the ring, you see two canons, pointing towards a lighthouse that is part of an anchor. The colors consist of purple, black, and light blue.

The club described the circle of the crest as “Strength and energy.” Representing the first rays of the sun at dawn is an unforgettable picture of the pride of the city. The city’s coat of arms inspires the anchor. “It keeps us on solid ground anchored to the roots of Mazatlan,” expressed the club. The canons are eternal representatives of the fight for territory. “Symbol of national defense in 1864. In every battle, we defend the name and pride of Mazatlan.” “On the highest part of Mazatlan, the home of the lighthouse that guards and guides our sailors. We are the light that illuminates the Pacific.” Lastly, the colors that represent the sunset sky in Mazatlan. “The purple hour that tells us that the night is about to begin, filling the city with life, party, and soccer.”

For a team that is now a part of Mexico’s top-flight, they have a beautiful crest—using money, relocation, and the disbandment of a popular organization in Mexico. Monarcas Morelia ended with the birth of Mazatlan. A new boy is in town, and with that, a new rivalry may rise with Dorados de Sinaloa is located north with just a three-hour drive away.

It is unknown who will be part of the squad, but whoever joins will be part of history in the making. Monarcas Morelia will never be forgotten, a difficult task that Mazatlan has to overcome quickly.

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Food Basket Program

Helping FEED our Mazatlan Community! (Round 2)
We wanted to take this time to send a BIG thank you to every one of you who help make this happen…. Luann Pangerl, Ronald Denny, Richard Wetherell, Mike & Pam Foley, Robin Foley & Family, Greg & Kathy Burnside, Janel and Charlie Newman, Susan Nilsson, Diane Bruyere, Anne Courcier, Eric Fayeski, Camille and Jeff Manquen, Jill Ferrier, Joe & Beth Carchi, Oli & Betty Cajanek, Oli’s Friend (anonymous)
 Kathryn & Pat Dulin, Jennifer Seifert & Bradley Cummings, Jim & Diane Murphy, & Sue Reynolds. Thank you all for your very generous donations that helped make 80 Family Food Baskets. This was a HUGE success…!

Mazatlan was not open and is lacking support programs! Unlike Canada and the USA, a lot of people here are more worried about food than COVID-19

Many of the artisan vendors in the city, have took to the streets to carry out the oldest activity of humanity, barter, yes, merchandise for food, in order to carry livelihood to their homes.

We would like to suggest random acts of kindness to your maids or gardener or anyone who is around you and needs your support. It would be very appreciated in these difficult times.

If you need help getting money to someone or if you would like to donate towards helping us make more food baskets, let us know… we are doing everything we can to  support our community. A little bit truly does go along way here.

We were able to put together 80 family food baskets for $400 pesos each. In the US $400 pesos that’s $17.81 USD and Canadian = $24.10 CAN

Each Family Basket Includes the Following:

Carton of Egg
Tomato Paste
Corn Flour
Cooking Oil



Will COVID-19 Result in More Americans and Canadians Retiring / Moving to Mexico?

Lionne and I are getting emails / phone calls from Americans and Canadians who are asking specific
questions about moving to Mexico. In the process, most share some background information about
themselves and their reasons for considering a move to Mexico.

Pre COVID-19 the majority of our client’s questions were about: Mexico’s low cost of living, affordable
healthcare, amazing beaches and nice weather etc.…. But just recently, a new reason has come up:
COVID-19 has derailed their previous retirement plans.

Some people say that they had never considered retiring in Mexico before the arrival of the virus;
however, that all changed when they suddenly found themselves either unemployed or with a large
portion of their retirement funds are gone. Now they’re exploring the option of retiring outside of their
home country in order to make their limited remaining funds go further.

The majority of the emails were from people who said that they were already planning to retire in
Mexico and that all the virus did was move up their timetable. Basically, the ‘life is to short so enjoy it
while you can’ approach to retirement planning.

Only time will tell if this pandemic causes more Americans and Canadians to choose Mexico as their
retirement home, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it does. Mexico is a great place to retire for a long list
of reasons. Lionne and I should know as we moved to Mexico almost thirteen years ago.

In case you’re wondering — we’ve never regretted that decision even once in all these years…..


 Is it Safe to Live in Mexico

Lionne and I are always asked about crime and/or safety in Mexico. The interesting thing is that the emails rarely ask about a particular city or town; rather, they are asking if the nation as a whole is safe.
That question always makes me shake my head a bit because if we turned the tables and I asked them if it was safe to live in the United States or Canada, the likely response would be something like, “Depends on which part you’re talking about.”
Well, the same thing goes for Mexico.
Cartel Violence
When most people are asking me about safety, they are generally referring to the cartel violence that makes international headlines. The majority of these incidents occur in small number of Mexican states.
It’s important to note that Mexico is a very large country. In fact, it’s ranked #14 in size out of 196 countries in the world.
When you see a headline, or more often than not a Facebook post, about a homicide or incident in a particular area of Mexico, take a moment to look up the population for that particular area before deciding to panic and cancel your trip as a result.
Here is an example, one of our guests sent us an email that she was going to cancel her trip to Mazatlan because she read that two known gang members were found dead. Of course, the headline sensationalized the incident by using the buzz word cartel.
Mazatlan has an estimated population of around 455,000 people. To put it in perspective, that is a higher population than the following U.S. cities: Tampa, FL (413,704), Minneapolis, MN (437,069), Oakland, CA (435,224) and Cleveland, OH (379,233)
So, you have to ask yourself: Would the murder of gang members in those cities make international news or cause tourists to cancel their vacations there? My guess is, probably not.
Mazatlan is still safer than many parts of the United States or Canada. In fact, Lionne and I feel much safer here than we did living in Washington State.


Mazatlan4Sale Team

If you are thinking of investing, and take advantage of a strong U.S. dollar to purchase property in Mexico. The problem now becomes finding the ideal property while still living in your home country.


Culture at Home

Institute of Culture started the program
“Concert Stay at Home”

With the aim of promoting local artistic talents and contributing to the actions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19, the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan created the “Culture in your House” program.

Through the Mazatlan Culture Facebook page were shared daily different artistic presentations by students, teachers and members of the different companies and groups of the Municipal Center of Arts.

Started with “Concert Stay at Home”, members and teachers of the Camerata Mazatlan, offered musical pieces performed from their homes, so that lovers of art and culture can enjoy quality and talent from Mazatlan, as well as arouse interest in children and young people to practice the different artistic disciplines and share healthy recreation activities now that it is important for citizens to take shelter in their homes, this entrusted to the Mayor of Mazatlan, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres.

Singing famous “Corrido de Mazatlan” all together with Angela Peralta Chorus and Folklore dancers.

Look for talents on the official Facebook Page of Cultura, which is updated with new videos everyday!
Musicians, dancers and singers of Mazatlan and more!

Cultura Facebook

Official Web Page

Stay safe and healthy!

See You Soon in Mazatlan!

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