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This Month’s Featured Property

Ever Dreamed of Owning a Castle?  Well, Now’s Your Chance to Own a Turn Key Successful Airbnb Rental!

Over 1 acre of private secure gated grounds, yes private these amenities are not shared with any other homes. Features include; heated pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor bar/grill, private tennis court, 9 Hole golf putting green, half court basketball, gardens, patios, decks and private getaways throughout.

You will be treated to amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and Sierra Madre from the rooftop bar/viewing deck, as well from the many additional decks around the home. Spectacular sunsets and clear blue skies are an everyday occurrence at the Sandcastle. From the pool area you are just a few steps away from miles of beautiful sandy beach.

This is a once and a life opportunity that you truly must see!

6 Bedrooms / 6 Full Bathrooms, and 2 1/2 Bathrooms

El Sol – 1 Queen , Pool Level
La Luna – 1 Queen , Pool Level
El Mariachi – 1 Queen , Main Floor
La Madona – 1 King , 1 Double , Main Floor
El Romantico – 1 King , 4th Floor

La Familia w/ Full Kitchen and Bathroom, 3rd Floor – 1 King Bed & Double

Learn more about this great opportunity with Mazatlan4Sale and talk with one of our friendly agents about how this can be your next home.

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Beachfront Sandcastle For Sale

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New Aerospace Park in Mazatlan will Generate 9 Thousand Jobs

The Singular Aircraft company will invest about 300 million pesos

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Finally, the vocation and layout for the construction of the aerospace park in Mazatlan was authorized, revealed the secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fishing, David González Torrentera.

The Spanish company Singular Aircraft will invest nearly 300 million pesos in this project, which will be the key to the aerospace industry in Sinaloa.

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Yes, It’s Safe to Buy Property in Mexico!

We see this question asked all the time:

“Can foreigners really own property in Mexico? 

First, it’s important to settle this once and for all – YES, foreigners can buy, own and sell real estate in Mexico – even in the so-called “restricted zones” along the borders and coastlines! Although foreigners are not permitted to own the property outright in these regions, you are permitted to buy condos, homes and land in Mexico using a simple real estate trust known as a Fideicomiso.

You Are Permitted to Buy Land in Mexico Using a Real Estate Trust Known as a Fideicomiso

When a foreigner buys real estate in one of Mexico’s restricted zones, the real estate trust is used to hold the property title for the benefit of the buyer. This arrangement is very similar to what is used to protect minors who inherit assets like real estate and stocks, with the bank acting on your behalf. Mazatlan4Sale always works with a reputable English-speaking Mexican Attorney & Notario to complete this process, which ensures that all paperwork is properly registered and provides oversight throughout the transaction.

Your English-speaking Mexican Attorney & Notario will also draw up the contracts, review the conditions and terms of sale, complete a title search and point out any problems you might run into. It’s essential to use a Mexican attorney who is familiar with all of the real estate laws that apply to buying property in Mexico, so don’t try to enlist your American attorney for help in this arena.

YES, Foreigners Can Buy, Own and Sell Real Estate in Mexico

There is a common misconception about foreigners buying Mexico real estate, that the beneficiary loses all rights and benefits of the sale of the property being held in the trust, but this is simply not true! On the contrary, the beneficiary (buyer) has a contractual right under the trust agreement with the bank to any and all benefits that may result from the use or sale of the property. In short, under Mexican law, the bank trustee has a fiduciary obligation to respect the rights of beneficiaries.

Finally, it’s important to point out that a real estate trust (Fideicomiso) in Mexico is considered a binding agreement and the beneficiary (buyer) can instruct the bank to sell or lease the property at any point in time. You can also develop and use the property according to your liking, within the general provisions of local law, building codes and zoning.

Food Basket Program

FEEDING our Mazatlan Community! (Round 5)

All We Need is HOPE!

As Lionne was walking a food basket to a lady’s home that was holding a baby…tears were falling down her face as he walked with her. She was so embarrassed to show him her living conditions. She gave him a huge hug and kiss… and said she would pray for him. It’s moments like this, that truly remind us what truly important in life. We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us make this Food Basket Program such a HUGE success. We could not do this without you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!!

Mazatlan is slowly re-opening, but with very few people in town.  Mazatlan usually makes more money in the month of July than any other month during the year, due to high traffic from the National Tourists.  Many people count on this to make it through till the Fall when all the Snow Birds start returning.  This is a very difficult time for so many people here in Mazatlan, as we watch businesses close up, and families going hungry.

Many of the artisan vendors in the city, have took to the streets to carry out the oldest activity of humanity, barter, yes, merchandise for food, in order to carry livelihood to their homes.

We would like to suggest random acts of kindness to your maids or gardener or anyone who is around you and needs your support. It would be very appreciated in these difficult times.
If you need help getting money to someone or if you would like to donate towards helping us make more food baskets, let us know… we are doing everything we can to support our community. A little bit truly does go along way here.
Successfully we have feed over 100+ families in Mazatlan thanks to all our supporters.  Each food baskets cost approximately $400 pesos each. In the US $400 pesos that’s $17.81 USD and Canadian = $24.10 CAN

Each Family Basket Includes the Following:




Carton of Egg










Tomato Paste

Corn Flour

Cooking Oil










What is Mexico’s Favorite Taco and it’s 60 variations (see this “tacography”)

“Tacography” is the infographic that solves the maximum question: what is the taco most loved by Mexicans?

Mexican street food is an essential component of our cultural identity. Its importance is such that delicacies such as taco and tamales have already become symbols that represent us internationally.

But not only that, for many, the street, its premises, the urban chefs and their stoves, are an extension of the house itself; where, in addition to a good meal, you can get a necessary dose of “familiarity.”

60 types of tacos you can find in Mexico

We Mexicans are undoubtedly in love with our “snacks” ,with that delicious cuisine that seems spontaneous, but which, in fact, is the product of centuries of experimentation; plus the effort of hundreds of farmers, and the expertise of those who cook. Let’s think that making an omelet is not anything and a good barbecue or a beer is not easy either.

And in the immense labyrinth of flavors that are Mexican “garnachas”, the taco is the undisputed king. But among all the types of tacos there are, which one will be the favorite? What is the most beloved taco of all? Finally, we have the answer, ingeniously illustrated in the “tacography” a delicious infographic that has solved the maximum question. It’s about the taco al pastor; This is the one that most Mexicans want.

The tortilla is the perfect companion, the diversity of tacos grows every day and we tell you how many types of tacos exist in Mexico

The tortilla is intuitively ready to “wrap” food, and it has been that way for hundreds of years. On the tacos, it could be said that virtually any food could become one, but between this potential omni-symbiosis of tortillas and other foods, there are some combinations that were outlined as the favorite or most common and, therefore, reached their unbeatable condition of Be called tacos. the custom of asking them as such.

Here are 60 of the most common tacos in Mexico. Although it is an arbitrary measure, initially we divide them by the type of tortilla preparation, and then we present their variety depending on what they contain. It is worth clarifying that although the vast majority of tacos are made with corn tortillas, flour is also used in the north of the country. Finally, and before proceeding to this succulent listing, it is not enough to note that the epic exercise of enumerating the species of tacos enjoyed in Mexico is doomed to inadequacy: after all, there is a good chance that while you read this list a new type of taco is being born … luckily for all of us.

Saludos and enjoy your TACO

See All 60 types of Taco Here!


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August 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Don’t go bang your head against a brick wall on the 1st – it’ll hurt more than the frustration prompting you to take such extreme action!  Everything’s going to get seriously better, as the Solar System is working well for you as far as sheer fun and risk-taking is concerned (or did you prang your car or back a loser on the 1st ?). After the 7th the stars will make you chatty and communicative, but beware of being too provocative!

You’ll be in the mood to make your home (or student pad) more beautiful, comfortable and lovely to look at. New furniture, drapes and carpets will be a serious problem for your purse.   All will go well until the 9th when you must expect delays to delay delivery of whatever you’ve ordered. It will turn up, but don’t get rid of your present furniture until it arrives! Do something romantic on the 24th and give your imagination plenty of freedom!

Be careful – your computer will explode with over-work!  You will be ultra-communicative. Maybe you have something to tell the world?   Or perhaps a politician, teacher or jobsworth has got up your nose; in any event, you can’t hold back any longer from telling someone how you feel. . .   Then there’s the possibility of buying and selling. You’ll get a good deal if involved with either.

Your mood will be nostalgic, so it’ll be a good time at which to visit your favorite Antique Mall and add to your collection of precious jewelry, silver or vintage Ballanciaga!    Once there that nostalgic mood will succumb to gloriously expensive extravagance, but as ever, clever-with-cash-you, you’ll have made a terrific and enjoyable investment!

The Sun travelling through Leo is also accompanied by Mercury and Venus – it’s all happening!   You’ll be thinking big, planning big (Mercury). You’ll be flirting, loving, entertaining and being entertained, and being a Big Spender, (Venus); but after the 9th you might have to be patient when it comes to new lovers.

Your mind is working brilliantly, but in overdrive. Ideas are flooding in, and you could be a bit more than damaged by impulsiveness, especially after the 7th.   If you calm down a bit and give your thoughts, plans and ideas time to mature before taking action, everything will fall into place after August 22nd when  moves into Virgo – you’ll get superb results!

This is a splendid time at which to entertain close friends and family and people you’d like to get to know better.   You’ll be looking your best and will positively doze Libra’s charm. Your relationship will take on a serious note around the 13th – a good time at which to finalize long term plans or resolve ongoing problems. Then you’ll be ready to get back into the social swing of things again. Yes! This effervescent mood’s going to last!

Indications working for you early in the month will lead to your having to go in for canny plotting and planning around August 15th – 17th.   All will be resolved when you take the trouble to get to the bottom of what’s happening and are then able to take assertive action! However, holding back in your approach is one hundred percent necessary on August 28th.

You’ll do extremely well, whatever you have or want to do this month.   Travelling will be great; if you’re a student you’ll get praise and or good grades; and if you’re working on an important project it’ll move forward without very much stress.   If all this doesn’t seem to apply, think about what you would really like to do in the near future and make plans – which you’ll need to be highly motivated to make happen!

Expect frustration during the first few days of August 2020 – probably be due to other people (workmen, trades people, etc) letting you down.  Don’t attempt to force issues until after the 6th, after which you can make as much of a fuss as you like, so that you get satisfactory results and feel smug that you’ve put the erring ones strictly in their place! From then enjoy the rest of the month.

The Sun and other planets are travelling through Virgo – your partner sign across the Zodiac.   This results in lovely influences, but – independent Aquarian that you are – if you’re not seriously committed they may make you think seriously about your relationship and consider sacrificing just a bit of that independence for greater security and permanence. However, if you and your partner are a real item know that if you take the lead you’ll both have some memorable and enjoyable experiences.

If only’ . . . ‘I wish’. . . You’ll fall into that kind of mood during the coming weeks.  Talk to your best friend or lover about how you’re feeling, especially if you want to do something, new, different, special.   At present your potential is is getting a terrific boost from friendly planets, and crying out to be exploited. The time is right. Go for it! – you have more support than perhaps you realize!

SOURCE: WiseHoroscope.Org

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