Yes you can!  The current ownership laws allow foreigners to own property through a 50 to 99 year Bank trust, if the property is less than 30 miles inland. Otherwise, a foreigner does not need to purchase a Bank trust and can own outright with a direct deed. This bank trust, called “Fidiecomiso” in Spanish, allows you to acquire the rights of a property, you may exchange, sell, mortgage, transfer, inherit, will or retain it for as long as you wish since the trust is renewable if so needed. The bank charges an annual fee  of around $400 USD. If you buy a property from another foreigner, their bank trust would be transferred into your name. This Trust is in Spanish but we offer translation services for your convenience. A beneficiary is always designated when using a trust. In case of death of the owner, the beneficiary must present an apostilled death certificate to validate ownership so the Bank trustee can have a new deed made. This may also be done at the time of reselling the property.