DC Lohoefener

Upon the decision to buy a condo in Mazatlán l was confronted with choosing a realtor to represent me in buying and closing an international sale. I chose Kristen and Lionne Decker from Mazatlan4sale to handle the sale, and everything from closing to legally representing me in the absence of my presence due to living in the US and the border closure due to the covid pandemic. I could not have picked a more trying time than the last three months to acquire a condo in another country!

Having met Kristen and Lionne through a mutual friend who has done business with them for eight years in finding rentals I had prior knowledge of how successful they have been at changing the very face of real estate in Mazatlán over the last fifteen years. I did not even think twice on choosing them to represent me. They are so kind, considerate and trustworthy in their management skills down to every detail it is just amazing.

Just outstanding personal service that made it a pleasure doing business through them.

Thank you!
DC Lohoefener

Alan Montes

This is the best and only option to either rent or buy a property, even also if you are looking to sell! Bernie is such an honorable guy. 100% Recommended

L Michael Foley

Dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals. A pleasure to work with. Exceptional group.

Jaime Hernandez

En la visita que realizamos a Mazatlán el 18 de enero de 2019, con el objeto de conocer diferentes inmuebles y adquirir una propiedad en esa Ciudad , nos quedo la satisfacción de dos cosas:
La primera, fuimos atendidos por parte de la parte vendedora con un trato de excelencia, ya que nos transportaron a cada una de las propiedades en venta, indicando las diferentes características de cada una de los inmuebles entre ellos condominios, casas y departamentos, así mismo y de gran valía nos hicieron algunas recomendaciones para elegir lo mas apegado a nuestras necesidades.

La segunda después comentar las condiciones de una de las casas, optamos por decidir que esa era la que se ajustaba a nuestras necesidades, la parte vendedora nos consiguió mano de obra especializada para realizar algunas pruebas especialmente del sistema eléctrico ya que dicha casa se construyo hace algunos años, así como en el caso de compra se nos ofreció una cuadrilla de limpieza para su aseo.

Realmente y por las razones que ya explique anteriormente, consideramos un éxito esa nuestra primera visita.


Candy Wanker-Rayburn

I have to say Mazatlan4Sale Team worked very hard for us. In Mexico things change like the weather. They were on top of things constantly even with all the changes. Everyone on their team is very knowledgeable.
They are the ones to call…..

Gord Asmussen

Mazatlan4Sale are definitely the Premier Real Estate Consultants in Mazatlan. The entire team is awesome. The team led by Lionne & Kristen made our purchase easy and seamless. I truly believe their knowledge of the real estate market in Mazatlan would help anyone interested in purchasing property. They also completed our renovations on time, within budget and to our satisfaction. We would definitely recommend the Mazatlan4Sale team.

Ron and Sandra Intilia

Let me say that I had my condominium in Vista del Mar managed by ‘the largest management company in Mazatlan’. I had heard about Lionne and Kristen Decker, and was their company was recommended to me just prior to acquiring our condominium. I chose the ‘big’ management company, and shortly after we decided to associate ourselves with Lionne and Kristen. This was one of the best decisions my wife and I made. From their cooperative and professional approach to the feeling you get that they are committed to what they do, and are there to provide you with outstanding service with a personal touch that is conveyed both to the renter and owner, alike.

It is the little things they do, that I strongly believe no other management company in Mazatlan is inclined or even aware should be done to provide your renter with a memorable experience. This approach I feel will help us get our renters to return the same time next year.  If they do, I know it will because of the caring and unequivocal attention to detail and service that Lionne and Kristen project.   I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Michelle Darby

Personally my back ground has been in Tourism and Hospitality for the past 30 years.  Seldom do companies or businesses meet my level of expectations.  However in dealing with both Lionne & Kristen, they both continue to not only meet my expectations, BUT they always find a way to exceed my high and demanding level quality service.  They are professional, kind, considerate, helpful, extremely well connected, respectful, organized, have wonderful attention to detail and are really fun people.

We have put considerable trust with Lionne and Kristen, and have been very pleased with each aspect of service delivery from both of them.

We look forward to a long lasting relationship, and would highly recommend their services to anyone.