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Our Agents:

Luis Roberto Arias Valdez

Luis, originally from Mazatlan, received his law degree at the ITESO University in Guadalajara, and is presently studying his Master Degree in Corporate Law at ELDS ( Sinaloa School of Law)) in Culiacan. Luis worked at “Fidu—what?” here in Mazatlan as a Trust Lawyer; also…

  • Office : +1 (360) 326-8769
  • WhatsApp : ‭+52 (669) 913-6408

Lisa Burt

Representing Mazatlan homeowners and future homeowners specializing in all areas of Mazatlan, Mexico.  Lisa’s creative, enthusiastic and caring nature is perfect for matching each client’s desires as well as skillfully featuring a home’s unique presence and character. Raised in Mazatlan since the age of 6…

  • Office : +1 (360) 326-8769
  • Mobile : +52 (669) 441-9025
  • WhatsApp : ‭+52 (669) 913-6408

Lionne Decker

Lionne, born and raised in Hawaii, brings a lifelong pursuit of customer service, he has learned how to be patient, detail oriented, proactive and a strong advocate for all his clients.   Lionne is committed to exceeding your expectations on your investments and cultivating your dreams…

  • Office : +1 (360) 326-8769
  • Mobile : ‭+52 (669) 145-1322‬
  • WhatsApp : ‭+52 (669) 913-6408

Kristen Decker

Kristen, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, has developed three generations of property investments, construction, property development, management & design knowledge.  After moving to Mazatlan 10 years ago with her husband and 2 boys she has taken the knowledge learned to open a vacation…

  • Office : +1 (360) 326-8769
  • Mobile : ‭+52 (669) 101-5160‬
  • WhatsApp : ‭+52 (669) 913-6408

Nohemi Raygoza

Nohemi, born and raised in Mazatlan, graduated in business administration.  She’s a dynamic, detailed-oriented, enthusiastic and highly motivated Customer Service Administrator, with many years of experience in the area.  Always approaching any situation with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism, Nohemi will make sure…

  • Office : +1 (360) 326-8769
  • Mobile : (669) 117-0842
  • WhatsApp : ‭+52 (669) 913-6408

Bernardo Medrano

Bernardo, born and raised in Mazatlan.  Proudly Mexican and also a US citizen, thanks to my mothers family who decided to move here 30 years ago.  I have had the opportunity to grow up in a family who has dedicated their entire life to all…

  • Office : +1 (360) 326-8769
  • Mobile : (669) 143-5459
  • WhatsApp : ‭+52 (669) 913-6408
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